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So on Tumblr you only get one icon.

There's also often a "Imagine you're Icon doing [insert scene here]" meme going around.

My icon on Tumblr is of Isumi. :) And since I thought the results were particularly amusing, I thought I would share them here.

Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched

Although Isumi had been steadily making more progress in becoming more confident and thus better able to play to his full strength in games there were still times he backslid. It was frustrating and made him feel like he needed a thousand years in order to catch up to those which had once upon a time been his kohai like Shindou.

Then one day someone came to him, with a strange proposal. A proposal that would bring him absolute confidence if he was able to succeed in the tasks set before him.

Isumi wasn’t sure he had the right kind of personality to overcome the situation, but was assured that the proposal wouldn’t be made if he wasn’t capable.

He was warned that it would be tough. That it would be hell at times. And it was.

But he learned from each situation. He grew.

The result was, after being thrown into thousands of bizarre situations, he became a man who would always keep his cool, no matter what oddities were thrown his way. A pinnacle of competency. One who was able to always find the correct solution to the problem and masterfully implement.

… Although he kind of regrets not being able to play Go as often as he used to. He's considered a real demon to play against now though!

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