May. 5th, 2015

Hikago Day!

May. 5th, 2015 09:42 am
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It's May 5, which means it's Hikago Day!

Five things to do today:

1. Check out the fics at [community profile] blind_go: Round 17 Fic Directory

2. Hang out in our community chat room.

3. Sign up for [community profile] not_primetime or [community profile] sportsanime (Hikago is eligible for both).

4. Post in the #hikagoday hashtag on Twitter or #hikagoday tag on Tumblr. (As of now, no one has actually used either tag yet, but hey, we could make it happen, right?!)

5. Play the "Let's Five" meme on this post:
  • Comment on this post with a list topic relating to Hikaru no Go, e.g. "Five things Hikaru hides in his underwear drawer", "Five favorite crack fics", "Five people Ochi actually likes", etc.
  • Reply to a topic with a list of five!
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Happy Hikago Day! Because I am a terrible, no good, horrible person, I have created a collection of (rather low-quality) screenshots of Hikaru going from mildly worried to crying his head off on May 5.

Enjoy! (Because you are terrible too!) )

Dropbox link (in case all those pics turn into broken images

This post was totally inspired by you people and also this totally depressing but wonderful essay


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