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I posted Part 1 of January's saved comments yesterday.  Today, it's time for Part 2.

Comments from Greer's, Kunstler's, and Infidel 753's blogs behind the cut. )

[squee] LastMan, encore et toujours !

Aug. 19th, 2017 10:16 pm
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Je suis irrécupérable~

Cet après-midi au salon-de-thé-à-geeks était organisé un événement cosplay. Il fallait que j'y aille avec une nouvelle version, évidemment. Bonjour je suis déguisé en... personnage déguisé en agent fédéral, parce que j'ai déjà fait sa version de base le mois dernier que je voulais me renouveler un peu et que c'était vache de plus classe même s'il n'est fringué comme ça que dans deux épisodes seulement.

À la suite du Yaoi Day qui s'est prolongé en quinzaine pour moi j'ai pondu 15 drabbles (12 m/m, 1 ace, 1 gen avec un gay et une lesbienne, et 1... m/f canon mais j'aurais juré que ce perso était gay ou ace alors qu'est-ce qu'il fait avec une fille bon sang???.

Et j'ai regardé un nombre délirant de fois la bande-annonce du tome 10. En mettant en pause pour regarder et apprécier chaque image. Ohmondieu.
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J'ai tellement hâte de partir en vacances... et d'en revenir pour pouvoir voir ce qu'il en est !!!

ETA: Hey anon you fuckwad stop spamming this entry and stay the hell away from my journal!
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This is the first of two installments about saved comments from January 2016.  I was traveling during the first two weeks of the month, so I saved my comments on my laptop, then transferred them to my desktop.  Good thing I did; apparently the video card on that has failed.  On the one hand, it confirms my feelings of urgency about posting my saved comments here, as they were driven by anxieties of hardware failure.  On the other, I was hoping the laptop would remain functional longer so that I could post the comments I saved on it.  Sigh.

I'm going to keep my comment on "Link round-up for 3 January 2016" at Infidel 753 above the cut, as it has a wider appeal for my readers here on Dreamwidth than the comments behind the cut.  That's because it's about all three trilogies of the Star Wars saga.

The New Republic is right about the Star Wars saga being a multi-generational tale of a dysfunctional family. However, I wouldn't call it bad parenting, at least in the first two trilogies. I'd call it absentee parenting combined with bad foster parenting (except in the case of Leia; I think the Organas were actually good parents). Obi-Wan screwed up with Anakin and was supplanted by Palpatine, who was even worse. Lars tried, but he wasn't suited to deal with his nephew by marriage, who had the family curse of being destined for greatness.

It wasn't until the current movie that a combination of an unruly child with parenting not up to the task became apparent. Leia, Han, and Luke all tried with Kylo Ren, and all failed. Smoke (sp.?) took over the Palpatine role and ended up being the evil foster parent. Thank you, J.J. Abrams for making crystal clear what George Lucas only implied.

The good news is that the foster parents can redeem themselves. Obi-Wan, with Yoda's help, succeed with Luke where they failed with his father. Anakin himself finally did the right thing by his son, although it took Palpatine doing his best to kill Luke to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if Luke and Leia do the same for Kylo Ren and Rey by the final film of this trilogy. There is a formula to these films, after all.

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40 Days of Anime: Day 4

Aug. 18th, 2017 09:23 am
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04 - if you could make a spin-off of any anime, what would it be?

Not a clue. At the moment, I can more easily think of anime that I am intensely glad stopped where they did, because their manga originals wandered off to Places I Do Not Want.

(The anime in question: first, INU X BOKU SS - anime is remarkably fluffy romance, manga original is fluffy romance until it kills off most of the characters and has them reborn and then angst about how they will never regain the fluffy romance. :wince: Second, USAGI DROP, where the entire anime is soft gentle adoptive-family adorable, and the manga is the same until it time-skips and has the daughter-figure realize she is in love with her father-figure, but it's okay because they aren't biologically related! OH JOHN RINGO NO.)

In any case: will put a pin in this one as well, and see if I can come up with anything later.

40 Days of Anime: Day 3

Aug. 17th, 2017 09:09 am
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03 - which anime made you laugh the hardest?

I don't watch much 'comedy' as a genre - not even outside of anime. Way too much either hits my embarrassment squick, or else the cast are assholes. Or both! (See also: OSOMATSU-SAN and EXCEL SAGA, both of which I saw recommendations for as OMG FUNNIEST THING EVER, and no. I managed all of one episode each, and then noped out hard.) I'm more likely to laugh at manga.

But after rummaging through my past catalog, I found a couple OVAs that did make me laugh! DRAGON-HALF (heroine is half-dragon! unfortunately, her love is a dragon hunter! whoops, nothing for it but to enter an enormous tournament for reasons that I don't remember and may not have been explained), and SHINESMAN (loving parody of super-sentai e.g. Power Rangers - I've only seen the dubbed version, which is glorious).

Teen Choice Award winners

Aug. 17th, 2017 09:09 am
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Last month, I posted here about the Teen Choice Awards nominees recognizing speculative fiction in movies and television. The awards were given out Sunday, so it's time to post about the winners. Here are the links to entries about the winners at Crazy Eddie's Motie News and the descriptions I used to promote them.

'Beauty and the Beast' the big winner at the Teen Choice Awards as speculative fiction dominates the movie categories
"Beauty and the Beast" won five awards, Choice Fantasy Film, Choice Fantasy Movie Actress for Emma Watson, Choice Movie Villain for Luke Evans, and Choice Movie Ship and Choice Liplock for Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Emma Watson also won Choice Drama Movie Actress for her role in the thriller "The Circle."

'Riverdale' leads television shows with seven Teen Choice Awards
"Riverdale" was the most honored show last Sunday, earning seven surfboards: Choice Drama TV Show, Choice Drama TV Actor for Cole Sprouse, Choice Breakout TV Show, Choice Breakout TV Star for Lili Reinhart, Choice TV Ship for Sprouse and Reinhart, Choice Hissy Fit for Madelaine Petsch, and Choice Scene Stealer for Camila Mendes.

Re-experiencing Moby Dick

Aug. 17th, 2017 03:38 pm
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Moby Dick is my favorite American classic. I own two copies of it currently (one fancy pocket version and a big version for highlighting favorite quotes and writing in). I first read it for class in 11th grade and had the incredible privilege of being taught the book by a teacher who genuinely loved it.

<lj-cut text="More thoughts under the cut">

Most people I met who read the book hated it, or at best were indifferent to it. I had to survive reading a book draft where the author wrote about how Moby Dick is a huge waste of time because of false advertising - if you're naming the book after the whale, why do you only meet the whale in the last three chapters? I suppose the latter is a fair complaint if you picked up the book without having any expectations set for it. I was lucky to have Mr Vanderheiden tell us that Moby Dick is a book about everything - a discourse on philosophy, identity, history, religion and a person's place in the world, a description of the whaling industry at the time and the whaling towns that thrived off of it, action...basically everything. Melville wrote this book without fear, changing tone and structure or approach from one chapter to the next, before delivering a punch about...well everything really. We read through each chapter and were treated to a lively and enthusiastic discussion led by Mr Vanderheiden on the meaning of sentences, paragraphs and humankind - from beginning to end. He instilled in us a desire to at least properly read the book. Not everyone loved the book, but thanks to him, they at least were able to respect the book.

I don't reread Moby Dick as often as other books. My attempts usually fall off after the first few chapters before my time is taken up by something else (I'm pretty familiar now with Ishamael's wanderings around New Bedford and his friendship with Queequeg...and less with the voyage itself). Recently though, I discovered the Moby Dick Big Read Project, a podcast put together by Plymouth University in the UK. They call it America's great classic, which is also America's most unread classic, and the 'big read' is an attempt to reverse that. In some ways it's a shame that the book drew such an effort across the Atlantic rather than in its own home, but I'm glad that someone did it.

The Big Read is basically that - a different person reads each chapter of Moby Dick, famous and not. Chapter 1 is read by Tilda Swinton. It's fascinating to hear the book instead of read it, and to hear how different people interpret the words. It provides a hint of what the story means to more people than my lonely self. 

So far I haven't progressed past the chapters I am able to reread anyway hahaha. But it has been a long time since I've attempted a reread and I'm reminded why I like the book so much - Ishmael. Ishmael is so flighty and silly, yet real. Simultaneously a victim of his prejudices but also willing to overcome these with an open heart, he befriends Queequeg when, one can imagine, no one else in North America would. I remember thinking it was so odd that Queequeg became a dedicated friend so quickly, but now with a bit more life in me I suppose, Queequeg had no friends in these European and American whaling ports and Ishmael proved himself very special by putting in the effort to be his friend. Ishmael lives by his own rules, and determines the value of people and actions for himself, not simply by what religion or society dictates. We couldn't have Moby Dick without Ishmael and his wandering mind, freely hopping from thought to thought, from this fact or that. 

I think I love Moby Dick because I'm incredibly fond of Ishmael, and in his rambling and hopping thoughts, and thirst to see more of the world, I recognize a kindred spirit. I hope we have more Ishmaels in this world.

I hope to post more about it as I make progress with the 'big read' but since it's just the beginning, I had to simply express how much I love Ishmael (also I'm tired and I've run out of steam to type haha)

40 Days of Anime: Day 2

Aug. 16th, 2017 08:56 am
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02: Has an anime ever made you cry?


This isn't actually all that impressive? I cry easily. You can have the most blatantly obvious, string-pulling, 'At least I got to see you - one last time!' tear-jerking moment, and I'll still be there crying my eyes out.

Tangent! Among the reasons why it took me a Really Long Time to get into anime: back when I was in college - late 90s - one of my friends was talking about a movie/OVA, where they had gone in with the assumption that the characters on the front cover of the DVD would live, and instead every single one of 'em had died. This, combined with an attempt to show me anime which featured the last few episodes of the first season of MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH (see the descriptions of episodes 17-20 on that link) and the first episode or two of KEY THE METAL IDOL - well, it left me with the impression that anime, as a genre, was hella depressing and why would I want to watch it. This impression did not get fixed for :ahem: a long time.
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Semester starts next week, which means work will become Work, and my free time will involve mostly decompressing from Work (and maybe hopefully writing). I have not been great about posting here, and current world news is mostly making me grind my teeth and ratcheting up my anxiety, so! An anime meme, as borrowed from [personal profile] kalloway, as adapted from Taichara.

01: What is your #1 favorite anime?

Right now? Probably Yuri!!! On Ice. (Do I have a post burbling about YoI? Apparently not, the closest I have is here. Huh.) But really, I do agree with [personal profile] kalloway that this should be the last question, not the first, so I'm going to put a pin in this and try to remember to come back to it at the end of the six weeks.

[récap] 15 drabbles LastMan

Aug. 15th, 2017 07:19 pm
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Auteur : [personal profile] malurette
Base : LastMan (série animée)
Légalité : propriété de Vivès, Balak, Périn ; je ne cherche ni à tirer profit ni à manquer de respect.
Prompt : 10 12 couples m/m pour le Yaoi Day, et 3 bonus

du gen, du crack pairing, et du sérieux, voire de l'horrible, mouahahah – et puis du spoil )

Social Media Moderation

Aug. 14th, 2017 08:27 pm
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A lot of why I disappeared from all things fandom is because I got a job in social media a few years ago, doing moderation work. It's pretty soul-crushing, really. Seeing the worst of humanity day in and day out is hard. It's not just trolling, though that's part of it. There are actual psychotic people out there who can't handle reality and hide online, trying to hurt others. And, well, if you've got any empathy, words can hurt a lot.

Now I have a job doing video content moderation, and it's different. I haven't run into any abusive rants about the moderators, specifically. The client I work for gets abuse, but that's the name of the game no matter what social media site you work for. But, nothing personal, like the last position I was at when I worked for my previous social media employer.

(I had death threats on the regular. I'm serious. There was one account I worked that I got a death threat every day I worked it. Every single shift, sometimes multiple times a shift because this troll kept getting banned and made a new account. Several times a day. I wasn't the only one being abused like this. And we'd get this just for following our client's moderation guidelines.) Good Lord, but it's hard. News of something graphic hits, and we're viewing abuse reports of the content in hours. People don't want to see that shit, so they send it to the abuse team to see if it follows my client's guidelines for removal or other action. Taadaa! Animal abuse. Child abuse. Hate speech. Bullying. Murder. Mangled bodies. Weird kinks that involve former food or former people. This is my every day.

I'm trying to hang on to my faith in humanity...and, actually, the quality of my coworkers helps with that. They've been picked for their intelligence and compassion, both. I don't think I've ever been in a single room of people I like and respect more as a whole, than when I'm at work. They're amazing, even the one person who managed to somehow get on my nerves.

The people I surround myself with also help. I've let go of a lot of people I used to know who are hateful and spoiling for a fight. I've divorced myself from trolls. I hang on to people who challenge me, but do not needle me. There's a huge difference. I have no time for dealing with sadists unless I'm being paid to do it.

I'm finding a great self of self confidence and self worth. The job is fulfilling, because I'm making a difference in the world. I was sought after for this position, and that makes me feel like I have a desirable skill set for the first time in my life. It's like taking everything I learned from writing fanfic and multiplying it. I learned to cope with adversity. I learned to have confidence in myself. I learned to look at the world through the eyes of other people, and treat everyone with compassion from diverse points of view.

This is exhausting, but fulfilling. I'm doing something with my life. And when I cry, well, I cry. It's okay. It's just because I'm human, and I haven't let anything I've gone through erase that.
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Hugo Awards successfully fighting off Rabid Puppies
Just looking at the nominees, I could tell that the Rabid Puppies had very little effect on the outcome. Both "Ghostbusters" and "Hidden Figures," which feature female casts, are exactly the kind of works the Puppies slates attempted to keep out of the voting in previous years. It turned out they were hardly trying.

'Arrival' and 'The Expanse' win Best Dramatic Presentation at the Hugo Awards
I thought "Arrival" would win Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) in a walk. It did. Eric Heisserer can put the rocket for Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) next to his Saturn Award for Best Film Screenplay and the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation. On the other hand, I didn't make a prediction for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form), but was happy to find out that "The Expanse" won.

(no subject)

Aug. 12th, 2017 02:16 pm
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Buy a pair of bookcases and order a few spare shelves with them, get someone with a car to give you a lift and a hand to pick them up, put them together, move all the books in!! then realise you didn't get enough after all, place a new order for more spare shelves... and go pick them up on your bicyle even though it's an half-hour ride, strap them on your backpack, add a week's worth of groceries in the front basket and go your merry way back? no problem at all!!

I'll still have to get yet another bookcase within a few weeks. Either I get a third big one and need someone to lend me a car again, or I decide to go with two small ones instead and take the subway with them? We'll see.
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I'm posting about National Presidential Joke Day both here and at Crazy Eddie's Motie News. There, the post was SNL mocks Trump for Presidential Joke Day. Here, it's Colbert saying Stephen Doesn't Want The Earth To Blow Up.

As a homeowner and inhabitant of the planet, Stephen is really hoping Earth continues to be.
Doomer though I am, I'm with Colbert. I may repost this at Crazy Eddie's Motie News on Tuesday, after I post the worksheet for "Treasures of the Earth: Power" that I promised to post three weeks ago, the winners for Dramatic Presentation at the Hugo Awards, and the winners of the Teen Choice Awards.


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