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Just thought this might be of interest to some [tumblr.com profile] esamastation is holding a "random hikaru no go event" on tumblr

details below:

Random Hikago Event
Announcing the Random Hikago Event (to hopefully breathe some tiny bit of life to a pretty much dead fandom), between 8th and 14th of August, 2016. Or somewhere around that time. Entries can be whatever. We’re not picky. Just, you know. Hikaru no Go stuff, that would be nice.

Here’s some prompts to use, if you feel like it. It’s really not required.

1. Nigiri (procedure common in Japan at the beginning of an even game to decide who will play the black stones.)

2. Fuseki (arraying stones. this normally occurs in the first moves of a game so fuseki is often used as a synonym for opening.)

3. Honte (the proper move; a solid play that leaves few or no weaknesses behind and has a followup.)

4. Miai (denotes that there are two different options such that, if one player takes one, the other player can take the other.)

5. Seki (mutual life. in its simple form, it is a sort of symbiosis where two live groups share liberties which neither of them can fill without dying.

6. Atari (the state of a stone or group of stones that has only one liberty.)

7. Yose (moves that approach fairly stable territory, typically enlarging one’s own territory while reducing the opponent’s. because the typical yose occurs in the endgame, it is at times used as a synonym for endgame.)
Idea was to do a thing per day or something like that but seriously, Hikaru no Go is pretty much a dead fandom, I’m pretty sure we’d all be happy with like random scribbles and doodles too. Make origami, write some meta analysis, make a Sai-plushie, do whatever, post your masterpiece and tag it #random hikago event, and you’re in.
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