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Me again, keeping it cracktastic for the month of March. This time around, we're discussing our favorite crack pairings!

What counts as a crack pairing? I'm going to go nice and broad here - anything that isn't a main fandom pairing and/or implied in the series is a crack pairing. So the main off-limits pairings are of course Touya/Shindou and Waya/Isumi. I'll let you use your own judgement about other pairings.

So tell us your favorite crack pairing! Talk about why you like it, or why you think it's epic. Rec things if you have recs for it. Make up new, zany pairings. Talk about the ultimate crack pairing, Kuwabara/Ogata. Whatever strikes your fancy in the crack department. (Or, if you really want to argue that the main pairings REALLY are crack pairings, make your case! Or vice versa!)

If you get some inspiration, drabble about it! Don't forget, Crack Drabbles are open all month long, so head over there, track the post, make and fill prompts, and enjoy the offerings of others! There's already some great stuff there, so let's keep the momentum going! It's also a great way to beef up the Hikago fandom on AO3!

Go go Hikago~! Get your crack on, fandom. You know you want to.
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Cracktastic March: It’s like March Madness, only with crack.

This month, we’re celebrating all the crack in our epic little fandom! Crack fic/drabbles, crack theories, crack pairings – if it’s cracktastic, we want to celebrate it!

Let’s kick this off with some crack drabbles, so we have all month to write them! Plus, since we’re trying to get into the top ten anime/manga fandoms on AO3, this is the PERFECT way to boost the fic count! :D

So have at it – post as many cracky prompts as you want, and be sure to answer some, because this month is all about the crack! Want to write some crack, but no one prompted it yet? Don’t be shy! Post it anyway! Don’t want to write, but have the itch to draw or make a video? Do that instead! The sky’s the limit (as long as you aren’t breaking any laws or anything, heh).

Let’s get cracking! And look forward to more crack posts to come in the following weeks!

Also, the next rewatch chat has been decided – Saturday at 7:30PM PST. What time is that in the rest of the world? We hope to see you there!


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