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So on Tumblr you only get one icon.

There's also often a "Imagine you're Icon doing [insert scene here]" meme going around.

My icon on Tumblr is of Isumi. :) And since I thought the results were particularly amusing, I thought I would share them here.

Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched

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Hi All!

I thought a nice thing to do, since it's the beginning of the year is run another friending meme! Or we can use it as an excuse to chat! :D

Preferred Name:
What are some of your other fandoms?
What's your kind of thing to do in fandom?
Main places you can be found? (or other less-main places too if you want): (e.g. DW, LJ, tumblr, twitter, AO3, FF.net, YouTube...)

Hikago Related:
What kinds of things do you like to do with Hikago friends?:
Rec something (or many things!) Hikago-related:
Favourite character/pairing(s):
Manga or anime?
Have you finished the series?
Favourite arc?
Favorite Go match(es) in the series?:

Hikaru or Akira?
Isumi or Waya?
Le Ping or Yang Hai?
Yashiro or Yeong-Ha?

What's a question you'd be interested in seeing other's answers on?
Anything else?:

P.S Ao3's just shut down their invitation queue, but for anyone who's interested in joining I still have some invites and I'll list a couple of them publicly here (I have more if people are interested):

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[personal profile] flonnebonne started a Hikaru no Go meme in their journal that I thought might be fun for more of us to participate with!

Please post your answers in the comments / feel free to link to the answers in your journal!

If you've added a question of your choice - you should add it in the comments so other people can answer it as well if they feel like it! :)

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Apologies for the delay with this post Qem was eaten by a grue it was Shindou's fault. :(

I just had some general Waya questions that I thought might be interesting to share our answers on:

Waya - over or underrated?

What is your favourite Waya moment?

Waya official character description is "the senior apprentice" what does this mean to you? Do you feel it's accurate? If not what would be a title you would pick?

How do you feel about his relationships with the other insei?

Waya's internet name is Zelda. How many people do you think, thinks he's a Hime-sama online?

I've heard of fanon* where Waya is an undercover genius who has escaped from a clone project. Please detail your reasons for and against.

*well I have. :3
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Today, June 6th is Kuwabara Torajiro's birthday - that's Honinbo Shusaku, the Go player that Sai possessed.

Give than we know very little about what Kuwabara Torajiro from the Hikago manga thought about everything, other than he could play Go and choose to let Sai play, I thought that it might be nice to celebrate his birthday with a 19 Head Canon things.

What are 19 things that aren't strictly confirmed in the Hikago manga - that you think to be true or plausibly true? And/Or, what is your hikago fanon? Something that you'd like to be true and/or come true? (For any character!)

See if you can get it to 19, go, go, go!

(answers welcome at any point.)
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Rare Pair Fest

Another event to keep the Hikago Month momentum!


Post anything to do with a rare pairing: Fic, art, podfic, vids, screen caps, inappropriate captions, plot bunnies, your deepest wish for the secret rare pair of your heart, five things, poems, gifs, manifestos, random squee, models out of clay, WHATEVER!

Love on what everyone else has shared.


So, my deepest hope is to inspire everyone to dig deep into their imagination and their pull out the pairings they've always wanted to write but never had the occasion or motivation to do so before, or to go crazy and create someone else's new favorite rare pair. The sky is the limit!

However, we also wanted to set down standards so that there was no confusion later. So, any pairing that has over 100 fics on AO3 is disqualified.

Which means that... Hikaru/Akira is the only pairing disqualified for this round.

I know, I know, but the second most used pairings in the fandom are Ko Yeong-ha/Yashiro and Isumi/Waya, tied at 44 fics each (to Hikaru/Akira's 399). Since no one else comes close, it's unfair to shut this fest out to otherwise under represented pairing, despite how we think of them. So, take this as inspiration to produce more content for your favorite ship and help grow their visibility on AO3!


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Threesomes and moresomes are happily welcome, too!


Let's go!

EDIT: You can now post to our Collection on AO3!
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The purpose of this post is to help track down particular points in canon.

Start a comment with a question, and people will respond with an answer.

Of course some questions may have multiple answers or require scientific analysis to answer fully.
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Alternately could just be an excuse to fill out questions and talk about Hikago! :3 And feel free to omit/add questions if you want.

When/how did you get into Hikago?:
Are you a fan of the manga, anime, or both?:
Favorite character(s)?:
Favorite ship(s)?:
Favorite Go match(es) in the series?:
What kinds of Hikago things do you post/make/do?:
What kinds of other things do you post about?:
How much of your DW/LJ is public/flocked?:
Other fandoms:
Main places you can be found? or other less-main places too if you want: (e.g. DW, LJ, tumblr, twitter, AO3, FF.net, YouTube...)
What kinds of things do you like to do with Hikago friends?:
Rec something (or many things!) Hikago-related:
Anything else?:

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Hikago Day Prompt Meme

Post prompts in the comments. It can be anything: scenarios, pretty pictures, kinks, songs, random words, screen shots, or whatever you think might be inspiring.

THEN post the fanworks inspired by the prompt.

There are no limits to how many prompts you can post (the more the merrier, in fact) or how you use them. Post fic, fanart, icons, podfic, fanmix, vids, gifs, crafts, games, poems, ANY MEDIUM!

-Please play nice! No kink shaming. No pairing bashing.
-Warn for potential triggers in both prompts and fills.
-Try to keep one prompt per comment. You can comment as many times as you like, but for the sake of organization, it's easier to break things up.
-List your pairing (if any) in the subject line to make it easier to find.
-Fills can be any medium, any length, any anything, but if you post off-comm, provide a link to the work in the thread of the original prompt.

That's it! Let's 5!!

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So, I was looking through my LJ this evening and found a most interesting post. Apparently, back in 2008, there was a Hikago meme going around. I can't quite recall if it was a friending meme, or a getting to know you meme, but it is a meme, and it was Hikago-centric.

Having found said meme, I thought I would share it with all of you. ♥ We can maybe use this as a friending meme (I know I don't have everyone friended, and I'm sure that there are other people who don't, as well) as well as a getting to know you meme since there are a lot of new faces around fandom. (I mean, 2008 was five years ago...)

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments or, if you prefer, to post it on your journal and link back to it. Whatever floats your boat.

Also? If you have done this one before c.2008, and you can find it, feel free to link your old responses to your new ones. It's interesting to see how people's thoughts about the series have changed.


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