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Ogata there any other Hikago character with more fanon tropes? [personal profile] qem_chibati once asked on a friending meme at [ profile] kifu_archive:
Ogata is:

pure sex on sticks suave heterosexual dating kind of guy,
pure sex on sticks suave heterosexual kind of gay,
geekiest geek that ever did geek
Off the top of my head, I can think of a fic for each possible characterization. Name your favorites in the comments!

Hotta Yumi, in the 10th anniversary new editions of the manga, wrote the following notes about Ogata (thanks to [ profile] hkfoot for the translation):
He's a go nerd. (Translation note: For the curious--"Igo baka desu.")

He doesn't think so himself. Wearing his white suit and driving his red sports car, he assumes a very stylish air.

His master, Touya Meijin, knows what a complete go nerd Ogata is. After all, for such a long time, he's watched his disciple completely devote himself to go.

Sai also may have noticed that Ogata's passion for go is no less than his own.

Kuwabara Honinbo is also someone who has seen through him. He wants to provoke Ogata's fervor, but ends up getting involved himself.

Only Ogata himself is completely oblivious.

Because he's Ogata.
Clearly, Hotta-san sides with the "go geek" hypothesis.

There was a spate of Hikago meta about Ogata several years ago. Here are the posts I was able to dig up; leave links in the comments if you can dig up any more.

[ profile] issen4: About Ogata Seiji and request for thoughts on Ogata (read the comments!)

[ profile] aishuu: In Defense of Ogata

[ profile] ann_applecore: On Ogata

[ profile] ontogenesis: Ogata Seiji's Character Profile (translated from the Gorgeous Character Guide by [personal profile] love)

[personal profile] qem_chibati: answers to the friending meme question about Ogata (again, see comments!)

[personal profile] verloren1983: more recent answers to the same friending meme question

Final food for thought is that in my experience, Ogata is probably involved in more pairings than any other character in Hikago! Pairings I have seen:

Touya Kouyou/Ogata...

So...what do you think? What's your take on Ogata? Do you 'ship him with anyone or no one? What are your favorite fics featuring Ogata?
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Apologies for having fallen off the community activity bandwagon, but I thought that [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw would be a good opportunity to get back on.

"Symbolism" was the meta topic that garnered the most votes in the poll I posted a while ago, so let's talk about symbolism in the series!

Some topics for discussion:

- Hikaru imagining the go board as the universe and the stones as stars
- tiger vs. dragon imagery to represent Hikaru and Akira's rivalry
- Sai using swordsmanship as a metaphor for playing go
- Hikaru's fan
- symbols used in Obata's art for the series (artbook scans, new complete editions)*
- character descriptors from the new complete editions (Hikaru = "the heir", Sai = "the ghost", Akira = "the seeker", Kaga = "the vagabond", Tsutsui = "the founder", Mitani = "the stray cat", Akari = "the neighbor", Waya = "the senior-apprentice", Ogata = "the prophet", Suyeong = "the pursuer", Isumi = "the wanderer", Ochi = "the little king", Touya Kouyou = "the master", Kurata = "the monster", Kuwabara = "the elder", Yang Hai = "the talent", Ashiwara = "the optimist", Nase = "the challenger", Yashiro = "the boldest", Zhao Shi = "the naturalist", Yeongha = "the pride", Shouji & Oka = "the buddies")
- is Sai's fear of frogs symbolic?
- is go itself symbolic?
- symbolic importance of any of these catchphrases: "the new wave", "room of profound darkness", "hand of god"
- theme of identity vs. anonymity/pseudonymity: NetGo, Sai as Hikaru's "shadow", Akira/Ogata/Touya Kouyou attempting to uncover Sai's "real" identity
- parallels in storyline, e.g. cheating by both Sai's rival at court and Mitani
- names as symbols, e.g. Hikaru, Akira and Akari all associated with "light"
- theme of tradition vs. modernity: clothes, Sai possessing Hikaru, "connecting the past to the future"

Feel free to jump in with discussion topics of your own!

* Anyone have links to scans from the second artbook, Blanc et Noir?
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Given all the recent panfandom discussion about misogyny, Mary Sues, and female characters, I thought we could have a meta thread this week about the female characters of Hikago.

Although Hikago is dominated by male characters, we do see quite a few female characters in the series, and there have been a small smattering of fics that have attempted to develop and create backstory for these characters.

First a poll:
Poll #3133 Female characters in Hikago!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

Who is your favorite female character in the series?

View Answers

Fujisaki Akari
0 (0.0%)

Shindou Mitsuko
2 (6.7%)

Kaneko Masako
16 (53.3%)

Tsuda Kumiko (Haze go club member and Akari's friend)
0 (0.0%)

Tamako-sensei (Haze go club advisor)
0 (0.0%)

Hidaka Yuri (Kaio go club women's captain)
1 (3.3%)

Touya Akiko
1 (3.3%)

Morishita Shigeko
0 (0.0%)

Sakurano Chieko (Nine Stars club member and Isumi's senpai)
0 (0.0%)

Nase Asumi
9 (30.0%)

1 (3.3%)

Ichikawa Harumi
0 (0.0%)

* Although Oka is actually a male character, several people in the fandom have written the character as female, which is why the name is included on the list.

Reply in the comments about why you like these characters! Link to favorite fics that feature them! Think of potential fic ideas featuring these characters!

Thoughtful discussion about why you don't like the way a particular character is written will be allowed, but please, no character bashing.

(Plans for community activity in the future, just so you all know what to expect: we will alternate between commentfic(/art/icon/FST/etc.) fests and meta threads every Friday. Next Friday will see the return of the team competition, Hokuto Cup style! Feel free to start recruiting for your teams in advance...)


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