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Okay, Very has encouraged me to make this post, so... here it is. If you're not at all interested in Sims, feel free to skip over this. I won't be offended, I swear. ;) Anyway, blame her for this. XD

So I enjoy Sims quite a bit, as probably anybody who's on my flist can tell you. The thing is, I don't generally play myself or people I know- I'll either make up someone totally random, or I'll base my sims off of characters. I've had Hikaru and Akira for a while now that I don't play nearly enough, and a Mitani and Kaneko pair that I absolutely adore (they have two kids now). During a Sims conversation with Very, I realized that I didn't have anybody else, though. This, obviously, needed to be fixed. It's slow going, because my laptop wasn't exactly top of the line when I bought it five years ago, and running the Sims kind of makes it hate me. But I've got several characters now, and I'm apparently obligated to share/discuss them with you all. :P Be warned that this is VERY long, so I will put everything under a series of cuts here.

A PSA Before We Start )

Hikaru )
Akira )
Kaga )
Tsutsui )
Isumi )
Waya )
Akari )
Kaneko )
Mitani )
Kouyo )
Ogata )
Sai )

The Download )

(Edited because apparently my brain attached Craig David's name to  Daniel Craig's face. *facepalm*)

(Edit #2- I know that probably whoever's going to download this has already, but just a heads up- if you have other expansion packs, it may mess with the clothes on the sims. I just purchased some ep's, and I went in to go play a Sim I had saved and discovered that I basically had to redo the clothing completely because it had all been changed. *sigh* So that's something to keep in mind- make sure you double-check EVERYTHING in create-a-sim before using, just in case. Sorry about that, guys. I was unaware of the problem before. ^_^; )

(Edit #3- Apparently I'm just going to keep poking at this. As far as downloadable content goes, I've found these: Sai's hat, Yukata for men 1 and 2, the closest thing to Akira's hair as I've ever found, and same thing for Mitani's hair. You -do- need an account to download the stuff from thesimsresource but it won't cost you anything to make the account and everything I've linked is a free download. Also, they have some really gorgeous accessories and stuff in general, so I think it's worth a look. ^^ )

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Hullo! I just watched this series/read the manga a week or so ago. In order to try to focus my massive love for Touya, I made a picspam about his clothes (b/c I love them greatly). Figured I'd share it somewhere and found this comm. :)

Title: Touya Akira & his Wardrobe: A Visual Manifesto/Love Song
Author/Artist: [personal profile] chagrined
Characters/Pairings: Touya Akira
Rating: PG I guess
Warnings/Contains: None, except that it's probably not dial-up friendly

Picspam here


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