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For those not in the know, SASO — or the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics — is a fanwork-creation event being held this summer. Participants will form teams based around ships or series, take part in main and bonus rounds, and produce all sorts of amazing content about the sports anime and manga which have been nominated for the event.

Seeing as Hikaru no Go is one of the fandoms nominated, I wanted to let folks following the community know that sign-ups are officially open! It would be super cool to have a fandom team for Hikaru no Go, or to have a ship team (akihika anyone?) for whatever pairing members might be interested in — only four people are required to form a successful team, with the maximum per team being eight. The event was a lot of fun last year, and I whole-heartedly encourage any fanfic authors or fanartists to consider signing up!

For more information, the rules for the event are here, and the page with sign-up info and a link to the sign-up form is here. If you just want to see what teams are coming together for the event, there is a live roster updating here!

Are you a little intimidated by a fandom-event running for as long as SASO does? Not sure you can commit to being on a team? Or are you perhaps more of a consumer than a creator? If these things are true, please consider signing up for the grandstand! It's SASO's non-competing team who are there just to have fun, consume fanworks, maybe make a prompt or do a fill if the inspiration strikes.

Bonus rounds during the event are run like prompt memes — each has a theme prompts are made for, and participants fill those prompts with fic or art or other fan-created media for points — and they're one of the most fun things about SASO. If you'd like to be able to make Hikaru no Go related prompts and drive the creation of more hikago fanwork, please consider signing up for team grandstand!

Anyone who chooses to come play with us this summer: I'm excited to see you there!!
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