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ShipSwap is an exchange dedicated to shipping. In the past it was the "rare" ship swap and the pairings nominated were required to have less than a certain number of fics on AO3, but this is the fifth and final year it will be running and for this round it's been expanded to ships of all rarity levels.

There are only a few Hikaru no Go ships nominated, but the tagset is here if you'd like to view it. Seeing as ShipSwap is a panfandom exchange, it requires that participants make 3 - 6 requests with 1 - 20 possible ships in each, as well as 3 - 10 offers with 1 - 20 possible ships in each. The main page for the exchange is here.

Anyway, if nothing else Akira/Hikaru is nominated, and I figure members of this community might like to check it out while signups are still open! They run until February 9th, plus there is a FAQ with a complete schedule. Happy shipping!
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Rules | FAQ | Schedule | Sign Up | Mod Contact

Calling all artists, writers, cosplayers, and other sports-anime obsessed creatives.

Dust off your sleeves this summer, because we’ve got the event for you. The Sports Anime Shipping Olympics (SASO) is a summer prompt-based shipping challenge for all sports anime and manga fandoms. Fans form teams around their favorite ships and canons, and then compete in prompt-based challenges to show off how awesome their ship/fandom is.

Everything from fanfiction & fanart to games, recipes, graphic design, cosplay, videos, coding/programming, and voice acting are welcome. Think you can style an awesome Hikaru wig? Come join us. We’re here for everyone.

Sign-ups are open now! So what are you waiting for? Read the rules. Make noise and gather people to your team. Follow us for further updates.

Most of all, get. Pumped.

Spend your summer placing stones: join the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics.

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Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms), or otherwise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms. The name was taken from the nickname of the SNL cast who were called "Not ready for prime time players" when the show first began. Basically? This is for the fandoms that are medium sized and are not megafandoms.

They're currently doing nominations, more information here:

Hikaru no Go is already an approved fandom, but I thought I'd mention it here, and there's no guarantee getting Hikaru no Go if you sign up as an assigned fandom. But the more Hikaru no Go fans who participate the more likely there will be Hikaru no Go fic! And I know in the past there's been people who missed out as they didn't have 3 different fandoms that they were willing to both request and write for.
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For those looking for something to do post [community profile] blind_go, there's a sports anime/manga fanfiction/fanart exchange [ profile] interhighexchange which is currently doing sign ups (until Sept 28th) with fics due November 1.

Hikaru no Go is well represented with 17 characters in the tag set (you can see all of the valid fandoms and characters: here (17) ↑

The Ao3 collection where you can sign up/get more info is here:

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Not Prime Time (AO3 collection)
npt_admin on LJ | npt_admin on DW | Not Prime Time tumblr
Frequently Asked Questions | Not Prime Time 2014 Tag Set

Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms), or otherwise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms, including any RPF fandoms with under 20,000 fics.

It's currently taking sign ups from now until April 30th. There's a few people who have signed up for Hikaru no Go, so while there are no guarantees on being matched with that fandom, I thought it might be of interest to members of this comm. Here is the sign up form. If you need an AO3 account invite, please let me know - I have lots to spare!
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It wasn't that long ago that we got things heated up with the summer mini-round, but it's time for the 14th round of blind_go/[community profile] blind_go!!

This round is Author's Choice! 1500-8000 words, up to five fics... due date is September 19th so we can celebrate Hikaru's birthday in ficcish style!!

And... as you may have surmised already... we are experimenting with mirroring the challenge on both livejournal and dreamwidth. However, you do NOT need either a livejournal or a dreamwidth to play! Anyone who loves Hikaru no Go is encouraged to participate!! There's nothing we love more at blind go than participation!! Because we are testing out mirroring, we ask of you this favor: please only comment to posts in the blind go community of the platform of your choice... that is to say, if you prefer dreamwidth, sign up here on [community profile] blind_go. If you prefer livejournal, sign up here on blind_go. This will help us determine how to proceed with mirroring in future rounds. Don't worry, though, it's all one round that will all be compiled together!!

Looking forward to having a great round... with YOU!! What?!?! Did you think we could have a great round without you?? Heck no!! It's always better WITH you!! And yes, I mean you, the person reading these words right now. So, please think about signing up, and signing in for fun and hikagoness!

Thank you!!


Jul. 22nd, 2013 09:46 pm
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Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat!

sorry to spam you, but just a reminder... the deadline for mini-round 004 is coming up... very soon! there's a bit over 24 hours to go, so if you've been thinking about entering... please do!! remember, this round is speed go/flashfic, and only needs 100 words or more, so you can even treat it as a writing exercise!! any and all entries will be gloriously received, so please think about it!! there's a support thread here if you need commiserating!!

and if you haven't had any ideas or inspiration yet, so you think you can't complete anything on time... how about this... just close your eyes... )

ANYWAY!! i'm very hopeful we can have a great round with lots of participants and lots to read, so... for that, we need YOUR help!! please?? c'mon. you know you want to...

 photo SmileyFace.gif
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You may have already seen this, so apologies for spam, but blind_go is doing another speed go/flashfic mini-round...

Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat!

You can read all about it here. Because this is flashfic, speed go, sign ups are not necessary, but the whole community is hoping you, yes, you are thinking of writing! Even just 100 (sweaty!) words would be enough!! Without your participation, everyone will just be a little sadder, so if possible, please think of submitting!! You've got nearly a whole week! ^_~

Thank you, and looking forward to the sizzling fics! Right off the griddle!!
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Love to re-imagine your favourite characters in exciting and unusual situations and have the knack for writing exciting stories? Then come and join the fun at SMASH! and participate in our fanfiction competition!

Imagination is key! Just think about it…

How does America get his first date with England?
What would Kingdom Hearts be like if Kairi was the Keyblade master?
Where will the Straw Hats journey end?

Tweaking the canon or disregard it entirely.

Exploration - the definition: analysis of subject; travel for discovery
“It is said that the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn.” - Paul Coelho
To be in on the action, write a ficlet (<1000 words) or a short story (1001-7500 words) inspired by one of these prompts. Entries will be judged via online voting by the general public, as well as a panel of reputable fanfiction authors chosen for their skills and knowledge of a broad range of fandoms. There are no restrictions on what pairings can be in the fanfic, but content must be rated G or PG.

See here for more details:

Love to have more entries, and having Hikaru no Go REPRESENT, would certainly be awesome! - international entries are very welcome (the competition is run for a Sydney Australia convention)


May. 2nd, 2013 01:30 pm
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I have recently gotten into RPing on tumblr and decided that I needed to have a Hikaru account.




So, having said that, I can't seem to find any other HnG RPers on tumblr. Therefore, if you know of any or want to create an account... Please let me know?
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Possibly, that is:

[ profile] bbtp_challenge. It's an all porn, all the time challenge, taking place on September 1st - and only on September 1st.

All fandoms and all pairings are welcome. The only requirement? Porn. Everything posted to the comm should be porntastic porn.

(The very few rules the comm has are outlined in the profile.)

Have fun! :D


Mar. 30th, 2012 09:05 pm
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Apologies for crossposting, but...

If you have not yet signed up for Lucky Round 013 of [info]blind_go -- MEMORIES -- then now is the time! This is your moment! Go here now and sign up! You know you want to, your friends want you to, the fandom wants you to, and we, yeah, we definitely want you to, so please go ahead and just do it!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far, and we're really looking forward to another exciting round!!
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[info]blind_go's Lucky Round 013 is starting and it's just not going to be the same without YOU, yes, you. The theme this time around is


We want to celebrate the recent fandom nostalgia! With fic! The minimum word limit is 3500, so we also want to celebrate with a bit of a challenge! Everyone involved would love it if YOU would think about joining in on the fun and the ficcing. Sign up now! Tell your friends! And most of all, have fun!!
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Hello! It's time once again for the fun and insanity that is [info]blind_go to begin! This time around, it's all about...

the New Wave!

To sign up and find out more, check out this post! Thank you so much, and looking forward to seeing YOU this round!!

apologies for crossposting!
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Hello everyone! I apologize in advance for the crossposting and spam... at least this only happens a couple of times a year, right? ^_^;;;

[info]blind_go  is underway, which means one thing- DISTRACTIONS! There's a few participation-y posts over at [info]kifu_archive , including the support group, free the bunnies, round robin, and drabbles. Also there's AIM chats scheduled for Fridays, though they seem to be going into Saturday and even Sunday. You can either check over at [info]kifu_archive , there's always a post there when a chat is going on... or you can just invite yourself to blindgo. You don't have to be writing for the challenge to participate, though- EVERYONE is welcome to join in. We would love to have you all.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your patience with the spamming. :D
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Sign-ups for Round 011 of [info]blind_go are still going on for anyone interested!! In fact, we extended the sign-up deadline to Sunday, April 10th, so we really hope you will consider signing up!! The theme for the round is Childhood, and if you thought that theme was a bit daunting, well, there are themesets available to ignite your creativity, hopefully!

In [info]kifu_archive, there's a chat poll open, chat plans for Friday, and the ever popular support thread, which has a thread for inspiring music, as well as a few questions!

We know it's a busy time, and a busy fandom time, but there's nothing we'd all love more than another great round of fic, so if it's ever crossed your mind to sign up, now's the time! We're waiting for you! It just won't be the same without you!!

Thank you, and apologies for crossposting!!
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Since Live Journal seems to be broken today. I'm posting this here.
Anyone interested in a Hikaru no Go chat? The exuse reason is the Blind Go chalenge over on LJ, however anyone interested in Hikaru, Sai, Akira and the others are welcome to hang out.
Chances are we'll be talking about writing fan fic, but we are a friendly lot. Usually.
go here for the chat: aim:gochat?roomname=blindgo
It's open now. See you there!!!

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Hello! In case you didn't see or are unfamiliar with it, [info]blind_go's latest round is now open. This is Round 011: Childhood! All the details can be found at that link. You don't need a livejournal to participate, but we really hope you DO consider participating, because it won't be as much fun without you!!

There is also a support thread going, so have as much fun with that as you like!

Thank you for considering, and my apologies for crossposting.
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blind_go fics are up! You can see the directory here, or go to answer_key to read them all!

So far, commenting and guessing has been light, but the deadline for guesses is brief (as this was a Speed Round!) so you only have until Monday, February 28th at Midnight EST to get your guesses in!! There will be beautiful banner prizes made by new co-mod blue_cage for both commenting and guessing, AND you get 22 free fics as a bonus! Sweet!

Happy reading!
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Hello! The third mini-round of blind_go is happening right now... and the deadline for submissions is Midnight, February 20th. Wha?! Yes, that's right, it's Speed Go: FlashFic, All or Nothing! Due to the speed nature, sign ups aren't necessary, but you can get all the details here.

Thinking... but wait, I only have the weekend! Impossible!! Well, the idea is just to have fun and see what you can do with little to no time, so if it suits you, we'd be thrilled if you challenged yourself! Oh, and one more thing... the all or nothing part means All dialogue or No dialogue.

It won't be much fun without you, so please check it out and consider submitting!!!

crossposted, apologies!


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