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Apologies for keeping this short - I had a longer message typed up and then lost it. @___________@

1. If you are a big bang author and have not received a summary template from me in your email, please contact me immediately - maybe some things been caught in spam.

2. Sign ups for supplementary creators are still available! I will be emailing the summaries for the first round of selections on November 13th

You can sign up as a supplementary creator here.
For more information please see Rules and FAQ

3. A lot of us have writing projects in November, with Big Bang, Nano, and our own bits and pieces.

It might be cool to organise a writers chat, where we can commiserate, write drabbles to distract us from the things we should be writing, and sprints - sprints are when you select a start time, and then aim to write as much as possible in a short time period 5-15 mins. It can be useful when trying to force yourself out of a stuck point.

When would be some times people are available? Are their any other chat methods you would prefer?

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A Big Love Letter with a BANG, To Hikago Fandom (A Hikago Big Bang Challenge <3)

Sign up Form

• Whether you are planning on aiming for a Big Bang, or want to be a supplementary creator, please fill in the form below.
• Comments are screened in order to hide people’s emails.
• Let me know if you want to have your comment unscreened, (or feel free to post your info twice with a screened and to be unscreened version) but I would recommend directing any questions you have to Rules and FAQ post
• Feel free to contact me on queenie.eiz@gmail.com if you need to.
The Ao3 Collection has been created.

Are you signing up as an Author, a Supplementary Creator or both?
(You do not need to commit to a Big Bang Length or type of supplementary work other than the minimum at this point)
Preferred nickname: (This is just a reference for when I do put things down in documentation (such as matching supplementary creators and authors in a spreadsheet), or need to write a personalised email to you. It can be your preferred username, or something else (although preferably uniquish.)
Ao3 screen name:
(If you do not have an Ao3 account, please let us know.)
Email you prefer to be contacted on:
A sample of previous hikago works? (not mandatory)

ETA: Just too add, I am erring on the side of not unscreening, so the comments below are not necessarily reflective of the real numbers.
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A Big Love Letter with a BANG, To Hikago Fandom (A Hikago Big Bang Challenge <3)



* A big bang is where people work together to produce a long complete fanwork with supplementary works to enrich the experience! For more information see: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Big_Bang

* This big bang is being done to celebrate (a) [community profile] hikarunogo’s mod [personal profile] troisroyaumes ten years in fandom (b) Hikaru no Go’s tenth anniversary of completion (both of which are in 2013)
* For this big bang in particular, we have multiple challenge levels for the authors and will be aiming have a range of supplementary works to go along with each piece.
* Sign ups start August 25th

Read more... )


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