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ShipSwap is an exchange dedicated to shipping. In the past it was the "rare" ship swap and the pairings nominated were required to have less than a certain number of fics on AO3, but this is the fifth and final year it will be running and for this round it's been expanded to ships of all rarity levels.

There are only a few Hikaru no Go ships nominated, but the tagset is here if you'd like to view it. Seeing as ShipSwap is a panfandom exchange, it requires that participants make 3 - 6 requests with 1 - 20 possible ships in each, as well as 3 - 10 offers with 1 - 20 possible ships in each. The main page for the exchange is here.

Anyway, if nothing else Akira/Hikaru is nominated, and I figure members of this community might like to check it out while signups are still open! They run until February 9th, plus there is a FAQ with a complete schedule. Happy shipping!
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I'm going ahead and opening up the sign-ups for this a day early since there have been no nominations for days.

Running until the 31st of May, signups are now open. You can check the available pairings here. You can request and offer 3-5 pairings, or select “any” for your options. You have the option of linking to a page of your tumblr/LJ/DW that details your desires, or of just jotting those down with your request.

You can send me asks here on tumblr with questions, or email me at mmmdraco @ gmail . com, or just ask them here.



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