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Okay, so, I've posted so much here today, but this is so interesting to me, and I thought maybe there were a few of you out there who'd be interested.

A new Go book was released including discussion on the origin of the Honinbou tournament and it includes 11 games. But more than that, this article makes me realize that Go players are freaking HARDCORE. Bullets wizzing overhead? Right next to where bombs are dropping? NO PROBLEM, THIS IS GO, AND IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN WAR.

Holy crap.

...Now I want a fic where Shindou and Touya play in war conditions. XDD
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I was recently thinking about this issue*, so I found it really interesting, looking at the latest xkdc comic, where it talks about the difficulty of games for computers, where it positioned Go and I though others might find it interesting too.

*i just reposted my blind go fic that was looking at the issue a little, and had been thinking about a sequel.

Not just a Go Player by Qem - Hikaru no Go  
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4 Jan 2012
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From AMERICAN GO E-JOURNAL, October 20, 2009; Volume 10, #50:

Iyama Beats Cho Decisively To Become Youngest Meijin: Challenger Iyama Yuta 8P won Game 5 of the 34th Japanese Meijin to take the title from Cho U 9P with a decisive 4-1 score. At the age of just 20 years and 4 months Iyama also becomes the youngest major title holder in Japanese history and breaks the record that Cho Chikun 9P held for 23 years.

Can Shindou and Touya be far behind? ;-)
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A bit old, but I just saw this Wired article today: Humans No Match for Go Bot Overlords

...How long until it makes it into a Hikago fic?

If you have free time on your hands this weekend, why not join in the commentfic fest? (So far there have been four requests by me and one response.)
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In Japan, there are seven major Go tournament games: Meijin, Tengen, Judan, Gosei, Ouza, Kisei, and Honinbo. Fans of Hikaru no Go may remember that Touya Kouyou (Akira’s father) held five of these titles before he resigned from the Go Association (Volume 14).

It is an interesting coincidence that in real life, Cho U has just taken his fifth title, the Judan, defeating the previous titleholder, Takao Shinji on April 16. Cho U now holds the Meijin, Tengen, Ouza, Gosei, and Judan titles – the same five titles previously won by Touya Meijin.

Cool, hmm?

BTW, the winner of the Judan tournament is currently awarded a prize of ¥14,500,000 (or almost $150,000).


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