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 Hi, everyone! I've posted this a couple of other places, so sorry if you've seen this already, but sign ups for round 17 of [community profile] blind_go  are up. Go here to check it out- you know you want to! :D Good luck, everyone!
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Hi guys!

I'm sure we've all noticed that Hikago generally qualifies for a lot of other small fandom and/or pairing exchanges, but it doesn't always guarantee Hikago fic. So, I'm changing that with the HIKAGO RARE PAIR EXCHANGE!

Starting May 18th, sign-ups will be open for this exchange. Right now, though, we need nominations for which pairings you want to see! Since only AkiHika hits the kind of numbers that would disqualify it in a larger challenge, the bar is set pretty low for limits, knocking only 5 pairings out of the running.

The pairings which will not be allowed are:
* Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira
* Fujiwara no Sai/Shindou Hikaru
* Isumi Shinichirou/Waya Yoshitaka
* Ko Yeong-ha/Yashiro Kiyoharu
* Ashiwara Hiroyuki/Saeki Kouji

Everything else is fair game, so, please, come nominate HERE!

If you have questions, you can comment here or ask me on tumblr.
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I've done an update from my earlier post of the relationship table of Hikaru no Go Ao3 pairing tags - the same disclaimers apply from previous but this is accurate as of 09/01/2014.

I thought it might be an interesting challenge to try and fill the pairings - so that we can get to a 19 by 19 pairing table. :)

But that is a long goal away! So I have a simpler one to start with (ideally aiming to complete a 9x9 board while we're going!)

And for that purpose I have produced a table with the top 15 paired characters:

And then reduced that to a list of 10 which have the most pairings amongst each other

And for those who'd rather keep it all platonic - there's also our & relationship table here:

(I didn't make a reduced version as it's already at the top 15!)

How to participate in this challenge?

Step 1: posts a work for a previously untagged, eligible hikaru no go relationship on to Ao3
Step 2: Link back on this post with the pairing in the subject line.

But I don't have an Ao3 account?

We have invites! Also the ao3 sign up queue usually gives out invites within a day or two.

What type of works are eligible?

Submissions can be anything you can post to Ao3! (So art, craft, fic, amvs, podfic)

& relationships are eligible as are / ones.

Any 2 Hikaru no Go characters are eligible if they haven't been written in combination before. (So at this point in time, "Saeki Kouji & Isumi Shinichirou" would be eligible but "Saeki Kouji/Isumi Shinichirou" would not. Please note; the table may not stay up to date throughout the challenge period although I'll endevour to update it regularly.)

Crossover relationships, three and moresomes, other, original and self relationships are not eligible sorry!

You don't have to write 1 of the top 15 paired characters - and I will update those tables if given sufficient incentive.

In fact - if you want to get a character, for example Kaga onto the eventual 9x9 table; or write every Sai & combination you can think of; - go for it, I encourage you to. :)

If someone has beaten you to the relationship sorry it won't be eligible! (But will still likely be awesome!)

Deadline & Prizes

Each participant and posts a link to the Ao3 work on this post, will receive a banner with the character of their choice!

The person will the most fills will receive 100 dreamwidth points (that should be enough to cover 3 months of dreamwidth paid time!)

The competition will end 6:00 PM AEDT Friday, 14 February 2014

(All works for this challenge are welcome to be included in the Hikaru no Go community on Dreamwidth Ao3 Collection!)
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It wasn't that long ago that we got things heated up with the summer mini-round, but it's time for the 14th round of blind_go/[community profile] blind_go!!

This round is Author's Choice! 1500-8000 words, up to five fics... due date is September 19th so we can celebrate Hikaru's birthday in ficcish style!!

And... as you may have surmised already... we are experimenting with mirroring the challenge on both livejournal and dreamwidth. However, you do NOT need either a livejournal or a dreamwidth to play! Anyone who loves Hikaru no Go is encouraged to participate!! There's nothing we love more at blind go than participation!! Because we are testing out mirroring, we ask of you this favor: please only comment to posts in the blind go community of the platform of your choice... that is to say, if you prefer dreamwidth, sign up here on [community profile] blind_go. If you prefer livejournal, sign up here on blind_go. This will help us determine how to proceed with mirroring in future rounds. Don't worry, though, it's all one round that will all be compiled together!!

Looking forward to having a great round... with YOU!! What?!?! Did you think we could have a great round without you?? Heck no!! It's always better WITH you!! And yes, I mean you, the person reading these words right now. So, please think about signing up, and signing in for fun and hikagoness!

Thank you!!


Jul. 22nd, 2013 09:46 pm
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Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat!

sorry to spam you, but just a reminder... the deadline for mini-round 004 is coming up... very soon! there's a bit over 24 hours to go, so if you've been thinking about entering... please do!! remember, this round is speed go/flashfic, and only needs 100 words or more, so you can even treat it as a writing exercise!! any and all entries will be gloriously received, so please think about it!! there's a support thread here if you need commiserating!!

and if you haven't had any ideas or inspiration yet, so you think you can't complete anything on time... how about this... just close your eyes... )

ANYWAY!! i'm very hopeful we can have a great round with lots of participants and lots to read, so... for that, we need YOUR help!! please?? c'mon. you know you want to...

 photo SmileyFace.gif
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You may have already seen this, so apologies for spam, but blind_go is doing another speed go/flashfic mini-round...

Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat!

You can read all about it here. Because this is flashfic, speed go, sign ups are not necessary, but the whole community is hoping you, yes, you are thinking of writing! Even just 100 (sweaty!) words would be enough!! Without your participation, everyone will just be a little sadder, so if possible, please think of submitting!! You've got nearly a whole week! ^_~

Thank you, and looking forward to the sizzling fics! Right off the griddle!!
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Hikaru no Go Layout Competiton!

For the new Hikaru no Go Chat room, I would like to hold a competition for creating some new themes!

I've implemented a tool in Layout for the chat room - that lets us have a set up where users can select their own theme to be active, and I'd love to be able to implement quite a few!

The chat room is quite easily customisable by CSS - even the green dots that appear on the side of message can be controlled by CSS, and it's also possible to embed images in the layout box etc. ( example demo test chat [will be deleted later])

To see what CSS is capable, please check out the CSS Zen gardens - a great way of demonstrating how powerful CSS can be.

Things that your layout should do:
- Keep the sidebar easily viewable, if needed (it doesn't need to stay a sidebar).
- Keep the pastebox below functional.
- Since we intend to have a variety of themes, it's ok for it to be optimised for a larger screen or a smaller screen - we want to have a variety of themes for different purposes.

Each person entering can submit multiple themes - so feel free to share that special WAYA/KAGA theme for that little something in your life, or a utilitarian ultra mobile-friendly style that's customised for being on the go. <3 Some layout's may want to prioritise our new pastebox so that it's bigger and more easily viewable on a large screen.

Submission Process:

You will need to submit a copy of the code, any relevant images and a screencap of the implementation as it works ideally. :)

Entries can be emailed to:

Due Date: May 25th!

On May 27th (AEST) I will be posting a poll for the community to vote on who should get first place.


1st Prize, as voted by the comm = 30 Dreamwidth points

Each entrant will receive at least 5 DW points - there is no cap on number of entrants.

Seperate from this - for each person who has a theme that is chosen to be incorporated into one of the selections available from the sidebar by the moderators (based on criteria we haven't quite discussed yet) will be awared a bonus 10 DW points.


Will this change the default theme?

The default theme will be selected by moderators to be one that we see as cross browser flexible, and is considered to be entirely separate from the competition.

Can you post an example of the current CSS for me to work form?


Examples of the current CSS <- this is the common file <- this is the default theme, and what will be swapped around with the new themes.
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[community profile] not_primetime is a fanfiction exchange, much like [ profile] yuletide, except for medium-sized fandoms (more information about Not Primetime). Last year, there were two Hikaru no Go fics written for Not Primetime 2012.

This year, Hikaru no Go is eligible again! So far, twelve characters have been nominated:

Fujisaki Akari
Hong Suyeong
Isumi Shinichirou
Kadowaki Tatsuhiko
Kaneko Masako
Mitani Yuuki
Nase Asumi
Saeki Kouji
Shindou Hikaru
Touya Akira
Waya Yoshitaka
Yashiro Kiyoharu

If you are interested in signing up for the challenge and don't see your favorite character on the list, I encourage you to go nominate them (more information on nominations).
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The 3 Sentence Ficathon is running through April 7th. There have already been a number of Hikago prompts and fills and more are very welcome.

Shipswap is a rare pairing challenge. (This one works kind of like Yuletide, but with lesser written pairings rather than small fandoms.) The following pairings were nominated and can be requested:

Saeki Kouji/Shindou Hikaru
Hong Suyeong/Shindou Hikaru
Ichikawa Harumi/Ogata Seiji
Isumi Shinichirou/Ogata Seiji
Isumi Shinichirou/Saeki Kouji
Kaga Tetsuo/Tsutsui Kimihiro
Ko Yeong-ha/Waya Yoshitaka
Shindou Hikaru/Shirakawa Michio
Touya Akira/Waya Yoshitaka
Waya Yoshitaka/Yashiro Kiyoharu
Yashiro Kiyoharu/Shindou Hikaru

Sign-ups close on April 8th.
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The annual Porn Battle nominations have started! Nominations are open until 9 pm UK time on Thursday 17 January.

Nominate here!

(This part stolen from [personal profile] qem_chibati's post last year.)
The premise is very simple, if there is ever a porn idea you thought was interesting, leave a comment with the prompt!

Read through prompts left and see if you feel inspired to write a response!

Read the fills for prompts you thought interesting!

Leaving a prompt does not mean you have to write for a prompt, and writing does not mean you have to leave a prompt. Please read their rules and FAQ if you have any further questions!

Porn Battle FAQ

Additionally, anonymous comments are screened on this post, so it you want to nom, but don't want your name on it, anon com here and I'll be happy to nominate for you.
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There is a fannish wiki called Fanlore, where although fans are welcome to edit any time of the year, they have a special event running this month, Stub September where the goal is to expand existing articles.

Some of the pages they've identified as requiring more work are the - stubs pages which are very short and need more information (there are over 1800!) - pages where the articles themselves are considered alright, but the fanwork examples such as say fanfiction that demonstrates what the article is talking about are... lacking. Either in quantity of examples or diversity of examples.

I thought that it might be an interesting challenge for us to try and insert as many Hikaru no Go examples into the wiki as possible, or rec lists that feature Hikaru no Go works, etc, etc. :D

Additionally, I noticed on the Hikaru no Go fan page, that it could possibly use more background information, and that there are some pages that could use creation:

For more information please see Fanlore Challenge: Stub September
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Hey guys!

So, now that I am hardcore into fandom again and blind_go isn't happening, I decided to bring back Fifthmus, only it's beginning life anew on DW.

[community profile] fifthmus

Sign-ups won't be for a while (probably mid October), but we're doing something a little different this year: if you would like to create a fanwork for fandom in general, you may submit it by the deadline (probably end of November) and we will post it along with everything else to make something of a Hikago advent calendar. Fic, pic, AMV, FST, podfic, etc.

I'm also potentially looking for a co-mod to help ease the stress of posting what will likely be every day in December. Thanks!
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A Big Love Letter with a BANG, To Hikago Fandom (A Hikago Big Bang Challenge <3)

Sign up Form

• Whether you are planning on aiming for a Big Bang, or want to be a supplementary creator, please fill in the form below.
• Comments are screened in order to hide people’s emails.
• Let me know if you want to have your comment unscreened, (or feel free to post your info twice with a screened and to be unscreened version) but I would recommend directing any questions you have to Rules and FAQ post
• Feel free to contact me on if you need to.
The Ao3 Collection has been created.

Are you signing up as an Author, a Supplementary Creator or both?
(You do not need to commit to a Big Bang Length or type of supplementary work other than the minimum at this point)
Preferred nickname: (This is just a reference for when I do put things down in documentation (such as matching supplementary creators and authors in a spreadsheet), or need to write a personalised email to you. It can be your preferred username, or something else (although preferably uniquish.)
Ao3 screen name:
(If you do not have an Ao3 account, please let us know.)
Email you prefer to be contacted on:
A sample of previous hikago works? (not mandatory)

ETA: Just too add, I am erring on the side of not unscreening, so the comments below are not necessarily reflective of the real numbers.
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A Big Love Letter with a BANG, To Hikago Fandom (A Hikago Big Bang Challenge <3)



* A big bang is where people work together to produce a long complete fanwork with supplementary works to enrich the experience! For more information see:

* This big bang is being done to celebrate (a) [community profile] hikarunogo’s mod [personal profile] troisroyaumes ten years in fandom (b) Hikaru no Go’s tenth anniversary of completion (both of which are in 2013)
* For this big bang in particular, we have multiple challenge levels for the authors and will be aiming have a range of supplementary works to go along with each piece.
* Sign ups start August 25th

Read more... )
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We are right now planning on fine tuning the details, which will come shortly, but we are planning on running a big bang competition with official sign ups starting August 28th. (You of course could always start now, the basic requirement will be that it's not a publicly posted WIP or completed work, before revealled for our challenge)

* A big bang is where people work together to produce a long complete fanwork with supplementary works to enrich the experience!

If [community profile] hikarunogo were to host the organisation of a big bang would you prefer:

o A Dreamwidth account created by the moderators with individual user details added, and the moderator controls the formatting, such as embedding any additional media within the work. e.g. Blindgo (, deathmatch (

o A sister Dreamwidth community, where big bang authors and supplementary creators, co-ordinate their post in advance, post a finished copy to the community, which would wait in a queue for the moderators to approve.

o Creating a sub-collection on Ao3, where users can post works to be hidden until the reveal date.

I've detailed my preference in the comment below:
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This was originally going to be my reminder competion closing soon post - but my laptop got locked at work, and I got some emergency work to do tomorrow night so I'm not going to be able to get the tally up for a little while.

My aim is to post the winners of the icontest at this point:

You will have until that post goes up to earn points.

I aim to announce the winning team at this time:

Here's another way to earn points in between, 5 descriptive words/phrases for the characters that represent each team - you can do up to 5 for each character, with a point for each one.
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Remix 2012 is live! This year, there were four Hikago fics written for Remix and one for Remix Madness:

Waya Yoshitaka and the Way of the Umbrella (Train Station Mix) (inspired by [personal profile] jain's Bus Stop, Wet Day)

Interludes (The Wisteria Pavilion Remix) (inspired by [personal profile] hostilecrayon's An Interlude in Time, originally written for a [community profile] hikarunogo team drabblefest)

Regret (The Dreams & Memories Remix) (inspired by [personal profile] troisroyaumes' Regret, a Portrait)

Learning to Fly Again (The With a Little Faith Remix) (inspired by [ profile] tuuli_chan's Wings)

Onegaishimasu, she said (The Paths to the Future Remix) (inspired by [personal profile] lacygrey's Nigiri, she said, originally written for a [community profile] hikarunogo team drabblefest)

Enjoy! And remember, if you leave feedback, you can earn points for this month's Isumi Team Battle Review-a-Thon.


Apr. 23rd, 2012 09:27 pm
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Here are the results of the icontest! <3 Please vote for your favourites to decide the winner, and to earn yay I voted points. (if you choose not to select an option, it will go to team hand - I've super-anonmised the results so don't worry about others seeing who you pick. Voting will continue until the end of April. :))

1 ~*~ 2 ~*~ 3 ~*~ 4 ~*~ 5

6 ~*~ 7 ~*~ 8 ~*~ 9 ~*~ 10

11 ~*~ 12 ~*~ 13 ~*~ 14 ~*~ 15

16 ~*~ 17 ~*~ 18 ~*~ 19 ~*~ 20

21 ~*~ 22 ~*~ 23 ~*~

Poll #10266 Hikaru no Go - Isumi - Icon Test
This poll is closed.
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 17

Vote for the icons that you like best!

0 (0.0%)

4 (23.5%)

4 (23.5%)

0 (0.0%)

2 (11.8%)

3 (17.6%)

1 (5.9%)

2 (11.8%)

1 (5.9%)

1 (5.9%)

1 (5.9%)

1 (5.9%)

6 (35.3%)

0 (0.0%)

5 (29.4%)

0 (0.0%)

2 (11.8%)

2 (11.8%)

3 (17.6%)

2 (11.8%)

4 (23.5%)

0 (0.0%)

5 (29.4%)

I would like my "yay" I voted points to go to:

4 (25.0%)

2 (12.5%)

3 (18.8%)

3 (18.8%)

4 (25.0%)


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