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Find below the cut the finalists for the 2013 superlative poll. A finalist was pretty much anyone that got more than one vote. May the best character win!

EDIT: on "Best Dressed", I completely forgot to put in Touya Akira. If you want to vote for him, feel free to do a write-in vote in the comments!

Finals for the Yearbook poll! Who will reign supreme in each category? )
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I've been pre-tallying the counts for the Yearbook Poll Nominees and we have several questions that have only one character to have received more than one vote. If you have not yet voted in that poll (which is just the nomination stage), please do so within the next 24 hours or so in order that our poll can be ready for the voting to commence on the 4th for the final voting round.

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 I am too lazy to do picspam so let's have some linkspam! 

Comment with links to your favourite fanart too! [Edit] But do please link to the main site, and don't hotlink to the image itself.  

Waya & Animals:

-Cat Day by sayu on pixiv 
-Okapi Pillow by トミー on pixiv 
-Dogs. by トミー on pixiv 
-Waya-kun by 淀藍光 on pixiv (okay, this one doesn't actually have an animal, it's just cute)

Mitani & Cat: 
-Mitani & Calico by きゃきゃ on pixiv 

Isumi is a Pig: 
-Isumi & cake by トミー on pixiv

Shindou & Sai:
-Like the Sunrise by ~FrothTheStargazer on deviantART 
-Happy Birthday! by Lin on pixiv
-Sai n. Hikaru by ~borammy on deviantART
-with Akari & Akira: 2013 by Lin on pixiv 
-with Touya Kouyo: Hikaru No Go by ~xhadowlx on deviantART 

Nase & Akari: 
-Happy Valentine by sayu on pixiv 
-We'll win at go! by hase kurayu on pixiv

Little Hikaru & Little Akari: 
-Childhood friends by ao on pixiv

Cute Sai doll: 
-fujiwara no sai by suzukoyan on deviantART

Gorgeous Sai: 
-SAI by CAUSE(‘ω‘)ノシ on pixiv 
-fujiwara no sai by ~guri-chan on deviantART
-s a i by 葛西 心 on pixiv

-Sai & Shindou & umbrellas: Heaven Clear Sky by Lin on pixiv 
-Shindou & Touya & fish: Crossing the Glass by m氏 on pixiv 
-Waya & sheep: have a good dream. by トミー on pixiv 

-Akira by uroko:5/3東2ヒ10a on pixiv 
-Gentle Rain by トミー on pixiv 
-Cicada Man? by jrrrrr on pixiv 
-Koyo Toya X Fujiwara no Sai by ~jen-and-kris on deviantART
-Come together, by トミー on pixiv (not actually NSFW but, uh, suggestive!)

-Rirakuma: Igokuma by Lin on pixiv (author has more of these btw) 
-Yotsuba &! Akira &! wallpaper by Lin on pixiv 
-Final Fantasy 7, Genso Suikoden 2, and Battle Royal: Christmas! by トミー on pixiv

Link posts to fanart: 
-zoesque's amazing list of Japanese fanart sites. Some of the links are broken but it is still a ridiculously useful resource.
-flonnebonne's tiny list of fanart recs! Haha, that's me! But seriously, check out this gorgeous fantasy AU fanart. It is gorgeous.

Guess what? A lot of these lovely pieces of fanart were made in a fabulous paint program called Sai. My favourite! :D

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Hikaru no Go Layout Competiton!

For the new Hikaru no Go Chat room, I would like to hold a competition for creating some new themes!

I've implemented a tool in Layout for the chat room - that lets us have a set up where users can select their own theme to be active, and I'd love to be able to implement quite a few!

The chat room is quite easily customisable by CSS - even the green dots that appear on the side of message can be controlled by CSS, and it's also possible to embed images in the layout box etc. ( example demo test chat [will be deleted later])

To see what CSS is capable, please check out the CSS Zen gardens - a great way of demonstrating how powerful CSS can be.

Things that your layout should do:
- Keep the sidebar easily viewable, if needed (it doesn't need to stay a sidebar).
- Keep the pastebox below functional.
- Since we intend to have a variety of themes, it's ok for it to be optimised for a larger screen or a smaller screen - we want to have a variety of themes for different purposes.

Each person entering can submit multiple themes - so feel free to share that special WAYA/KAGA theme for that little something in your life, or a utilitarian ultra mobile-friendly style that's customised for being on the go. <3 Some layout's may want to prioritise our new pastebox so that it's bigger and more easily viewable on a large screen.

Submission Process:

You will need to submit a copy of the code, any relevant images and a screencap of the implementation as it works ideally. :)

Entries can be emailed to:

Due Date: May 25th!

On May 27th (AEST) I will be posting a poll for the community to vote on who should get first place.


1st Prize, as voted by the comm = 30 Dreamwidth points

Each entrant will receive at least 5 DW points - there is no cap on number of entrants.

Seperate from this - for each person who has a theme that is chosen to be incorporated into one of the selections available from the sidebar by the moderators (based on criteria we haven't quite discussed yet) will be awared a bonus 10 DW points.


Will this change the default theme?

The default theme will be selected by moderators to be one that we see as cross browser flexible, and is considered to be entirely separate from the competition.

Can you post an example of the current CSS for me to work form?


Examples of the current CSS <- this is the common file <- this is the default theme, and what will be swapped around with the new themes.
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Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between the Hikago characters? Well, now's your chance to weigh in! Campaigning in the comments is highly encouraged, and so is detailing how you would think each character would win!

Ten extremely important questions. They are life-changing questions. )
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Even now so long after the end of the series, there's still lots of really amazing HikaGo cosplay on the Internet! Please find below some of my favourites.

50 images under the cut! )

Please reply with pics/links to your favourites!

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On April 25th, I posted a cryptic banner, with a request for trivia questions....

Now some people have guessed what I would be posting today, and why, exactly would I need those questions. (P.s. me and very have been boosting that list. you won't automatically have all the answers. We have over 200 questions! *g*)

Well. You see. What I am going to be announcing today, has less to do with hikago day in a week, and more to do with our planned comm activities for the next year.

Today I am incredibly proud to announce, the NEW HIKAGO CHAT, and additionally that sign ups for the Manga Reread will be starting today!

Aja has been amazingly kind with letting us use her campfire account, but we've really grown into needing our own chat. The chat room we will have going forward is a customised one using the open source PHPfreechat code.

Customised? You might say. How so?
... well why don't you come in and /nigiri {odd/even} to find out? :D :D :D

There are some things that campfire does better out of the box, but we've tried to come up with as close approximations for the things that campfire does well, and we've also implemented some very fun things that you can't do in campfire.

Such as the ability to invoke the healing power of /fistbump and /hug. :D

Very has written up a detailed document comparing the two, but here's a quick list of features.

Worried that you might be boring everyone while gushing about Kuroko? Pop into the Go Go Offtopic to talk on the side!
Or tired of only coming into a chatroom while it's empty?

QUIZBOT EVEN HAS A SUPER SPECIAL GENERATED LIST OF HIKAGO TRIVIA QUESTIONS. Being by yourself just means, that all the points are yours!

(Quizbot does have some flexibility with what it will accept as an answer, but we haven't fully tested for it's flexibility.)

I've also implemented functionality to make it easier for us to install multiple themes which are controlled by CSS. We don't have anything but the default theme live at this point, but more information on this will be coming in the near future.

Please note, for some of the approximations:

- all logs are public, with the exception of Private Messages /privmsg {nick} (a new and exciting feature for us!), - hikagomods can erase the logs if something gets in there by accident, but it's best to be careful with confidential information online. (Campfire for reference also took logs, but they were restricted to campfire accounts.)

- We've also set up a basic forum - but this is only for purposes of being able to quickly upload documents/images for purposes of temporary sharing in the chat. Like campfire, it's not meant for long term storage!

- Because it doesn't autocrop long pastes to pop out into a new window, our work around is to paste in a side room and then have people pop into that sideroom to read the paste.

So now that, that's all out of the way, come on in and have a play!
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This is the nomination phase of a yearbook-style poll with a bunch of different silly and funny categories. Vote for your favorite in each category, and toward the end of the countdown the top 5 nominations in each category will go head-to-head to decide the winner! There is only one rule: You can only vote for one character in each category. If you vote for more than one, the first character listed will be counted as the official nomination. Let's go!

Time to vote for your favorites! )
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 Its coming, will you be ready?

So! I have something exciting planned for Day -8, Apr 27th, this Saturday. :D

But, I need your help!

I would like to generate a list of trivia, questions & answers.

Questions and answers, should be short & simple, as well as safe for work! I'm aiming for a list of about 55, but it's totally ok if we go over!

It is also totes, ok for them to be obvious or obscure. Although, I think I need more obvious ones.

Also, I am leaving the comments unscreened - for those who are concerned, don't worry - I'm not concerned about the answers being shared here either. ~*Trust Me*~

Some examples of what type of questions/answers I am looking for are, as below.

"What day is Hikago Day?" => "May 5th",
"What star sign is Fukui Yuuta" => "Gemini",
"What colour is Ogata's favourite suit?" => "White",
"What middle school did Tsuda Kumiko go to?" => "Haze",
"What year does Waya Yoshitaka pass the pro exam?" => "2000"
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know assignments are out. If you didn't get one, or for some reason, there is something wrong with your assignment, e-mail me at

Otherwise, get to writing! Rules are here (with word count~) and your drabble(s) are due in by 11:59pm PST May 4th.

Have fun!
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The purpose of this post is to help track down particular points in canon.

Start a comment with a question, and people will respond with an answer.

Of course some questions may have multiple answers or require scientific analysis to answer fully.
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Ideally this is going to be for finding both things that you've read/seen before but can't remember the name/location/etc. and for general recommendations revolving around whatever criteria you're choosing. Please fill out the appropriate form in a comment (you can leave things blank as needed) and other people can hop in to help you out!

Help me find...
Type of fanwork: (fic/fanart/podfic/doujin/etc.)
Any other information:

I want...
Type of fanwork: (fic/fanart/podfic/doujin/etc.)
Should have these characters/pairings:
Should not have these characters/pairings:
Should include these kinks/tropes/warnings:
Should not include these kinks/tropes/warnings:
Desired length:
Other information: (You can include things you've already read that fit your criteria to help preclude recs for what you've already seen.)

Feel free to ask anon (though your IP is logged) if you are uncomfortable with everyone knowing that you want only the kinkiest of smut.
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Alternately could just be an excuse to fill out questions and talk about Hikago! :3 And feel free to omit/add questions if you want.

When/how did you get into Hikago?:
Are you a fan of the manga, anime, or both?:
Favorite character(s)?:
Favorite ship(s)?:
Favorite Go match(es) in the series?:
What kinds of Hikago things do you post/make/do?:
What kinds of other things do you post about?:
How much of your DW/LJ is public/flocked?:
Other fandoms:
Main places you can be found? or other less-main places too if you want: (e.g. DW, LJ, tumblr, twitter, AO3,, YouTube...)
What kinds of things do you like to do with Hikago friends?:
Rec something (or many things!) Hikago-related:
Anything else?:

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Hello hello! In addition to the prompt meme and the post a day happiness going on in comm, we're also going to be doing a drabble exchange for those who miss deadlines and panic a la blind go.

Sign ups closed.

Rules of the Game )
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The Hikaru no Go kanzenban, published from 2009 February 9 through 2010 April 30, feature striking wrap-around cover artwork by Takeshi Obata produced specially for this version. The art is lushly coloured and abundantly detailed, and Shuueisha was kind enough to put its publication information (price, barcode, ISBN etc) on a removable sticker that you can peel off so the covers are as clean and free from extraneous mundanities as possible.

When Obata-sensei drew these works he had finished Death Note and had started Bakuman.. Obata-sensei's art style in Bakuman. is a lot more flowing and exaggerated than the style he had when he finished Hikaru no Go, so to me there's a kind of dreamy, stylised deliberateness to this art that I find really appealing.

Sorry, the creases are still visible, but hopefully you can enjoy these scans anyway :)

Below please find thumbnails of the covers; you can click the image to see a larger version, or if you'd like to download the whole shebang, you can find it here (54 MB).

As the chapters per volume don't correspond to the original tankoubon volumes (20 kanzenban in total compared to 23 tankoubon), I've captioned each volume with its chapter spread.

Read more... )
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Hikago Day Prompt Meme

Post prompts in the comments. It can be anything: scenarios, pretty pictures, kinks, songs, random words, screen shots, or whatever you think might be inspiring.

THEN post the fanworks inspired by the prompt.

There are no limits to how many prompts you can post (the more the merrier, in fact) or how you use them. Post fic, fanart, icons, podfic, fanmix, vids, gifs, crafts, games, poems, ANY MEDIUM!

-Please play nice! No kink shaming. No pairing bashing.
-Warn for potential triggers in both prompts and fills.
-Try to keep one prompt per comment. You can comment as many times as you like, but for the sake of organization, it's easier to break things up.
-List your pairing (if any) in the subject line to make it easier to find.
-Fills can be any medium, any length, any anything, but if you post off-comm, provide a link to the work in the thread of the original prompt.

That's it! Let's 5!!

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After some brainstorming in the previous post about Hikago Day activities, we've decided to hold a few celebrations here at [community profile] hikarunogo.

The first is going to be a post everyday as we count down to May 5. Posts can be anything related to Hikago: meta, friending/love memes, silly polls, picspam, fanwork rec lists, 'ship or character manifestos, etc. It can even be as something simple as a Hikago-related trivia question for the comm members to answer. If you're interested in joining the countdown, sign up by leaving a comment claiming one of the dates below and a brief description of what you plan to post. You can claim more than one date!

Sign-up list )

Nineteen days to May 5! Let's go!


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