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Thank you to everyone who signed up as an author for Big Bang!

I thought it might be helpful to pull together a bunch of resources for our use. So if you have a article with tips for writing fanfiction that you think is good, or a Hikaru no Go resource that might be helpful, please links us!

Or alternatively feel free to ask any questions you'd like help looking up for in the comments even if they aren't necessarily for Big Bang.

How to write long-form stories by [livejournal.com profile] cupidsbow

(stolen from the fanlore wiki article!)

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A while ago, I started some meta for Hikaru no Go. I lost some of my files and never completed it, but I'm posting something here in time for the start of the epic HikaGo rewatch.

I was focusing on points important to the Hikaru/Akira rivalry/relationship.

The table compares the timeline/key scenes of the first six chapters of the manga and the first three episodes of the anime. I offer it for your reference/enjoyment.

I won't be able to join the rewatch chats, but have fun everyone! :D

cut for minor spoilers and a massive table )


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