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Hikago Day Prompt Meme

Post prompts in the comments. It can be anything: scenarios, pretty pictures, kinks, songs, random words, screen shots, or whatever you think might be inspiring.

THEN post the fanworks inspired by the prompt.

There are no limits to how many prompts you can post (the more the merrier, in fact) or how you use them. Post fic, fanart, icons, podfic, fanmix, vids, gifs, crafts, games, poems, ANY MEDIUM!

-Please play nice! No kink shaming. No pairing bashing.
-Warn for potential triggers in both prompts and fills.
-Try to keep one prompt per comment. You can comment as many times as you like, but for the sake of organization, it's easier to break things up.
-List your pairing (if any) in the subject line to make it easier to find.
-Fills can be any medium, any length, any anything, but if you post off-comm, provide a link to the work in the thread of the original prompt.

That's it! Let's 5!!

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Previous editions of the Hikago kink meme: round 1 here at [community profile] hikarunogo and a previous version hosted on LJ by [livejournal.com profile] verloren1983.

As a way to get 2013 off to a new start, let's have round 2!

How it works: leave an anonymous* comment with character(s) and a kink (one prompt per comment please), and someone will reply anonymously* with a fic to match your request. All characters and kinks allowed.

* Not mandatory to comment anonymously, of course.

Also, gen prompts and fics are allowed with the caveat that the focus of the meme is on kinks. How you define kink is completely up to you.


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