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[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is a celebration of the anniversary of dreamwidth by creating content that is unique to dreamwidth (during this 3 week period - after that, go nuts withcrossposting)

There are alot of little fests that crop up that might be fun to invade participate with.

Like: icons:

Friending memes:
The writers friending meme

And of course drabble memes
3W4DW anime/manga/manhwa/manhua drabblefest!
Welcome to the... nonbinarygendered child of the fantastically awesome 3W4DW anime/manga/manhwa/manhua drabblefest! (Ahahaha, in other words: the second drabblefest, yes.) The aim here is to encourage lots of drabbles while celebrating Dreamwidth at the same time.

Transfic mini fest 3
Prompts can be from any fandom, RPF or FPF, and can focus on either canonically trans characters or characters who are trans for the purposes of the fic. Prompts can be het, slash, or gen. No restrictions on rating. Really, no restrictions on anything, except be respectful, which should go without saying.

Female characters trope fest 2
1. This a fest that hopes to encourage more fanworks about relationships between female characters, both gen and femslash. The term 'female character' should be understood to include all characters that canonically identify as or present as women or girls some or all of the time. I trust your judgement!

2. All fanworks are allowed. This includes but is not limited to art, vids, fic, podfic, graphics, crafts, filks, rec lists, meta and picspam. Fanworks can be posted as comments or posted to your own journal/webspace and left as a link. Fanworks can be made as a response to a specific prompt or simply featuring any of the tropes listed below, and you’re welcome to create things for your own prompts.

Feel free to link or post or highlight anything else applicable.
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Given all the recent panfandom discussion about misogyny, Mary Sues, and female characters, I thought we could have a meta thread this week about the female characters of Hikago.

Although Hikago is dominated by male characters, we do see quite a few female characters in the series, and there have been a small smattering of fics that have attempted to develop and create backstory for these characters.

First a poll:
Poll #3133 Female characters in Hikago!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

Who is your favorite female character in the series?

View Answers

Fujisaki Akari
0 (0.0%)

Shindou Mitsuko
2 (6.7%)

Kaneko Masako
16 (53.3%)

Tsuda Kumiko (Haze go club member and Akari's friend)
0 (0.0%)

Tamako-sensei (Haze go club advisor)
0 (0.0%)

Hidaka Yuri (Kaio go club women's captain)
1 (3.3%)

Touya Akiko
1 (3.3%)

Morishita Shigeko
0 (0.0%)

Sakurano Chieko (Nine Stars club member and Isumi's senpai)
0 (0.0%)

Nase Asumi
9 (30.0%)

1 (3.3%)

Ichikawa Harumi
0 (0.0%)

* Although Oka is actually a male character, several people in the fandom have written the character as female, which is why the name is included on the list.

Reply in the comments about why you like these characters! Link to favorite fics that feature them! Think of potential fic ideas featuring these characters!

Thoughtful discussion about why you don't like the way a particular character is written will be allowed, but please, no character bashing.

(Plans for community activity in the future, just so you all know what to expect: we will alternate between commentfic(/art/icon/FST/etc.) fests and meta threads every Friday. Next Friday will see the return of the team competition, Hokuto Cup style! Feel free to start recruiting for your teams in advance...)
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If May 5th and [livejournal.com profile] blind_go fics have put you in the Hikago mood, why not have a drabble fest?

Leave a prompt (anonymous commenting is enabled if you want to request anonymously) in the comments, and reply to other prompts with fics! (Or art, vids, icons...any form of fanwork is eligible.)

To make it a little more exciting, I thought we could add in a little friendly team competition. Prompt-fillers, please indicate in a comment whether you are on Team Touya or Team Morishita, and earn a point for each prompt you fill.

The same prompt can be filled more than once. If you're filling prompts anonymously, just make sure to indicate the team somewhere in your comment.

I'll tally up the results next week (May 14 at 6 PM PST), along with links to all the filled prompts. Members on the winning team will get 20 Dreamwidth Points each!


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