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Hi everybody *waves.*  Okay, I'm pretty new to this fandom and I'm hoping you can help me with my newbie problem. 
So, I have this HUGE soft spot for Waya. I love him, I love his adorable grumpiness, I want to read Waya POV for all of time, basically. And, I especially want Waya/Isumi stories.
I'm no stranger to fandom in general, I can A03 search with the best of them, but I'm having some trouble finding all the Waya stories that I so desperately require because a lot of things that get tagged as Waya, or Waya/Isumi are primarily Shindou or Shindou/Touya stories that just have a dash of Waya/Isumi on the side (the classic sidekick problem). So, I find myself wading through A LOT of Shindou/Touya stories scanning for The Real Deal.
Also, I'll be honest, I'm complete shit at searching on and I mostly haven't poked around in the old LJ communities for this fandom yet. I was hoping some of you seasoned Hikago fans could point me towards some of your favorite Waya and Waya/Isumi stories. 
If anybody else out there is in the same position as me and is looking for more Waya fics, here are my four favorites of the ones I've found so far (I've ordered them from shortest to longest):
Homecoming by thehoyden
Of course, Waya had thought that Isumi would improve his Go while he studied in China - that was never a question.
Short, sweet, Waya/Isumi.
Mirror Games by cest_what
Shindou dropped his chopsticks with a clatter. "Waya," he said, his eyes huge, "don't look now, but there's another of you."
This one really ups the game on the typical "Waya and Le Ping are jealous of each other" trope
All the Pieces by metisket
Waya got a phone call from Touya Akira on Monday. Looking back on it, that was clearly the point at which he should have given up on the week.
One of the best examples of hilariously adorable, grumpy Waya I've found (Grumpy Waya is my favorite Waya). Also one of the few stories I've read where Waya and Shindou aren't portrayed as particularly close friends, which is an interesting departure from how I read them.
Waya in Storyland by flonnebonne
Waya is a character in a story and he knows it. It gives him existential angst.
This one starts out as hilarious, meta crack and then sneaks up on you with real emotions and astute observations on fandom and why we write/read.
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This is a little late, but on August 12th it was Waya's birthday!

Happy Birthday Waya!

I have a couple of meta questions, if anyone feels like answering them. :3

Additionally, it would be great if people could recommend their favourite Waya fics/art/icons/amvs in the comments!

Waya - over or underrated?

What is your favourite Waya moment?

Waya official character description is "the senior apprentice" what does this mean to you? Do you feel it's accurate? If not what would be a title you would pick?

How do you feel about his relationships with the other insei?

Waya's internet name is Zelda. How many people do you think, thinks he's a Hime-sama online?

I've heard of fanon* where Waya is an undercover genius who has escaped from a clone project. Please detail your reasons for and against.

*actually I just made that up.
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[personal profile] qem_chibati posting reminded me that I have not really done a good job of keeping the community active. But since there are a lot more people being active on Dreamwidth nowadays, I'd like to make a renewed attempt. ^^

Last year, people mentioned being interested in having more rec posts on this comm, and so we collected our favorite fics of 2010. This year, how about all of the members of the comm rec themselves? Are there fics, fanart, FSTs, podfics, etc. that you've made that you're especially proud of? Share them here!

Also, I would like to take on another co-mod who would help out in making periodic posts to the comm and organizing community activities. (E.g., maybe another team drabblefest?) Please PM me if you're interested! ETA: Huge thanks to [personal profile] qem_chibati and [personal profile] hostilecrayon, who have kindly agreed to help mod this community!
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As per the poll, the community activity you all wanted to see were rec lists!

I thought it would be appropriate to begin by asking you all to rec your favorite Hikago fic(s) that you read in 2010. Leave links in the comments, and I will compile a list of the community's favorites.
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In the course of looking for fic in this topic, I realized just how little she is written about :( And just how disorganized I am about keeping links to fic I like, because I know for a fact that there was one really excellent fic I can no longer find. But this is a good start!

But whatever road you choose, I'm right behind you: win or lose. by arboretum
In Which Akiko Knows Everything by doumeki

Not drabble-length:
interplanetary by trixie_chick [this only has a section about Akiko]
rivalry by trixie_chick

All usernames are LJ usernames, but I am not awesome enough to remember how to do that on dreamwidth


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