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It’s Akira’s birthday! You know what that means – Blind Go is up! Let’s first congratulate our writers for getting in on time, and remember to guess! A big round of applause for our BG mods, too – it takes a lot of work to run a challenge like BG! Thanks, guys!

Today is the day we celebrate everything Touya Akira! From childhood into his teens, Akira is a force to be reckoned with, and whether you love him or hate him, he refuses to be ignored. There’s no doubt he is one of the most important characters in the series, so let’s talk about him!

Instead of a list of questions from the mods, let’s try something different – make your own questions for people to answer! It’s easy, just make a post with just your question(s) and you, and everyone else, can answer it in replies to the comment! Alternatively, leave Akira-related drabble prompts! Let’s all celebrate what we as a community love about Akira!
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So I was very jealous of Shield TV’s / and & pairing tables (You can see an example of it on Tumbler here: - although I’m not going to go into as much detail as they do *g* ), so I went and did the same for Hikaru no go You can see a spreadsheet with the pairing breakt downs here: - so you can see what characters they get matched up with.


Data should be accurate as of 11:30 AM November 9th AEST.
This is about the number of different characters a character is paired with NOT total number of fic.
This is based off of canonical pairing relationships (what will appear in the autocomplete on) Archive of Our Own)
I did not count pairing tags with self or with Original characters - although I have a seperate tab that lists them.
I did not count 3+ relationship tags in my table although I have a seperate tab that lists them in the spreadsheet.
I DID however include xover relationships from other series. :)

I did a seperate table for the “&” relationships from the “/” relationships - and have copied the counts seperately below. :)

The results are I think mostly predictable with a couple of surprises? :3

Read more... )

ETA: and this seems as good a time as any - if you would like your own Ao3 account to post your own works / read and enjoy works on the archive, feel free to ping me for an invite or use one that I'll leave out here. :)
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Hikago Day Prompt Meme

Post prompts in the comments. It can be anything: scenarios, pretty pictures, kinks, songs, random words, screen shots, or whatever you think might be inspiring.

THEN post the fanworks inspired by the prompt.

There are no limits to how many prompts you can post (the more the merrier, in fact) or how you use them. Post fic, fanart, icons, podfic, fanmix, vids, gifs, crafts, games, poems, ANY MEDIUM!

-Please play nice! No kink shaming. No pairing bashing.
-Warn for potential triggers in both prompts and fills.
-Try to keep one prompt per comment. You can comment as many times as you like, but for the sake of organization, it's easier to break things up.
-List your pairing (if any) in the subject line to make it easier to find.
-Fills can be any medium, any length, any anything, but if you post off-comm, provide a link to the work in the thread of the original prompt.

That's it! Let's 5!!

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So, I was looking through my LJ this evening and found a most interesting post. Apparently, back in 2008, there was a Hikago meme going around. I can't quite recall if it was a friending meme, or a getting to know you meme, but it is a meme, and it was Hikago-centric.

Having found said meme, I thought I would share it with all of you. ♥ We can maybe use this as a friending meme (I know I don't have everyone friended, and I'm sure that there are other people who don't, as well) as well as a getting to know you meme since there are a lot of new faces around fandom. (I mean, 2008 was five years ago...)

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments or, if you prefer, to post it on your journal and link back to it. Whatever floats your boat.

Also? If you have done this one before c.2008, and you can find it, feel free to link your old responses to your new ones. It's interesting to see how people's thoughts about the series have changed.

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This is a little late, but on August 12th it was Waya's birthday!

Happy Birthday Waya!

I have a couple of meta questions, if anyone feels like answering them. :3

Additionally, it would be great if people could recommend their favourite Waya fics/art/icons/amvs in the comments!

Waya - over or underrated?

What is your favourite Waya moment?

Waya official character description is "the senior apprentice" what does this mean to you? Do you feel it's accurate? If not what would be a title you would pick?

How do you feel about his relationships with the other insei?

Waya's internet name is Zelda. How many people do you think, thinks he's a Hime-sama online?

I've heard of fanon* where Waya is an undercover genius who has escaped from a clone project. Please detail your reasons for and against.

*actually I just made that up.
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I've sent out bingo cards to everyone who signed up I believe now.

On June the 5th, I will be posting a round up of all the links to these meta posts. Please tag me, if you answer any of them, even if you aren't participating in the bingo, so that I can include it! :D

I'm putting a freeze on new prompts, but you are still welcome to sign up if you would like a bingo card to be sent to you here:

Important note: The random generation will sometimes generate the same number twice. I believe I've caught all of the instances but if this has occured, please contact me, to have one of those duplicate prompts swapped out. (I've done a heads or tails to work out which one to switch, and pull the first non-duplicate from the current random card I have on the spreadsheet.) (Some of the prompts are similar but not identical - that's fine to keep.)

For people who are doing bingo's the rules are here (feel free to ask if you require any clarification.)

prompts )
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Hey all, just an update to say that we are still taking prompts for the meta bingo! I will be sending out bingo cards on May the 15th! You can sign up for a card at any point here, and keep adding more prompts here

(With my find and replace to expand some of the multi-character/multi prompt questions, we now have 136 prompts, but it would be nice to have more (maybe we can hit 200?)!)

I've also modified the rules so you can respond in a fictional way to the questions, although the prompts should still be meta-based, talking about the series.

Example of how the bingo cards will look )
prompts list )
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For May, I will be running a bingo of meta posts. It's works like this:

  • Leave prompts to go onto the bingo cards here.
  • Sign up in this post, if you are interested. (of course you can still fill out responses if you wish without doing the bingo route)
  • On May the 15th, I will be giving out bingo cards. (Questions you fill out in advance can count towards your bingo card, if it is featured on your card. :3)
  • On June the 5th I will post a round up post to every response that I am able to easily locate, anyone who has completed a bingo by that point will receive a sparkly congratulations banner. Anyone who has completed their entire card, can choose from the same prize pool offered for the team battle held in April.
  • Post your responses to this community, or link your response in either the prompts post, here.
  • Aim to get a bingo!

    • To be able to mark a spot off your bingo card, you must create a post with a response to that question that is at least 55 words but no more than 555 words. :D
    • The response can be fictional or non-fictional.
    • The post can be made to your own journal, or unlocked to any community that you see fit. You can answer multiple questions in the same post. (You are very welcome to post to this community.)
    • You then need to aim to get a bingo, with your responses. To get a bingo, you must complete at least five responses, they can be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. It is ok, to continue a diagonal. (For diagonals, as long as you have one in each row and each column, it will count, they do not need to be in a row.)

      So, here is a non, Hikago example of the bingo card: A2, B1, C5, D4, E3, would count as a diagonal.

      1POV Male CharacterFuture FicAcademiaDeathThreesome
      2 TimelinesHarm to ChildrenHolidaysCommunity: comment_ficAngst
      3April Showers ChallengeHappy EndingPoliticsRomanceVoyeurism
      4ComfortPregnancyCommunity: kink_bingoJealousyDreams
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Happy 5/5, free comic books day and various other fantastic things! :D

The theme for May is inspired by a couple of little things, such as:
[personal profile] blnchflr's mini meta fest earlier this year, month of meta, Aja's let's five... and I see you, yes you cringing at what this may bring about. XD

For May, I am doing a meta bingo! People can leave prompts in this post, on meta topics that they are interested in, in relation to Hikaru no Go. I will be posting another post in a second, where people can sign up to have a bingo card assigned to them - which will contain a number of prompts they can choose from to respond with. :D (the bingo details I will put in that post.)

Of course, anyone, can still write their own responses to the meta prompts, without signing up for the bingo, etc. On June 5th, I will do a round up of all the meta responses I can gather, so please feel free to post your responses straight to the community or here or in the bingo card post your responses.

Now in order to have some good bingo cards, I need a good amount of prompts? Do you think we can hit 55 at least? :D :D :D Or even a 100? now there's an interesting blog 100 post challenge. XD


hey it could of been worse. Did you know this is also magical girl month?
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I recently reread HikaGo and posted reactions/thoughts. [personal profile] troisroyaumes asked me to link here, so here it is! Further discussion is totally welcome :D Subjects include female characters, parallel storylines, and how I wish the series could've continued. T___T

I've also collected some fanwork-related links.
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A while ago, I started some meta for Hikaru no Go. I lost some of my files and never completed it, but I'm posting something here in time for the start of the epic HikaGo rewatch.

I was focusing on points important to the Hikaru/Akira rivalry/relationship.

The table compares the timeline/key scenes of the first six chapters of the manga and the first three episodes of the anime. I offer it for your reference/enjoyment.

I won't be able to join the rewatch chats, but have fun everyone! :D

cut for minor spoilers and a massive table )
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~Happy Lunar New Year~

So as most of us Hikaru no Go fans know, there is occasionally imagery of Tiger Vs Dragon comes up, with Sai saying that Akira had his claws out, and he wondered what kind of claws they would grow up to be.

This is, I feel is part of the set up for epic rivalry, with a build up to Hikaru eventually becoming Akira's destined rival and his opposite. :D

Image from series~ )

To plagiarise summarise wikipedia1:

Tigers are the eternal rival to the dragon, and are shown in many fighting an epic battle.

In a lot of sports/martial art series/ sports commentators,they use the term Tiger Vs Dragon to describe equal but different rivals.

In Martial Arts, "Dragon style" is used to describe styles of fighting based more on understanding movement, while "Tiger style" is based on brute strength and memorisation of techniques.

The two push each other, as their strength is the other's weakness.

I don't think it was ever explicitly mentioned in the series which one Akira was and consequently as his opposite, who is Hikaru?

So to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, let's discuss which one we think it is here! :D
Some links to previous discussions (I know there are more but can't find them right now)


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