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SASO sign-ups have opened up!

SASO 2017 Team Sign-Ups

The Sports Anime Shipping Olympics is an event run by fans, for fans, of all manner of sports animes and mangas, including Hikaru no Go. You join a team, make prompts and create fills in bonus rounds (for any fandom!), work on main round entries with your team, and wait for those sweet, sweet points to roll in.

Not interested in being competitive this summer? You can join Team Grandstand and still participate in bonus rounds! Come by and make those hikago prompts you've always wanted to see.

Here are some useful links:

[Introduction & Rules]
[Nominated Fandoms] Nominations have closed for this year, but do check out this list to see what other fandoms could be included in this year's event.
[Icebreaker Post] Come check out the community while we wait for the event to start!
[TEAM SIGN-UP] And finally... Join us!

I'd love to see more hikago fans at SASO. Please consider joining Team Hikago!


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